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Nonprofits seeking new ways to share information about the important work they do will have the opportunity to learn from leading communications experts during the upcoming Foraker Leadership Summit.  The theme of this year’s Summit is: “Telling Our Stories – As Leaders, As Organizations, and As A Sector.” 

One of the Summit’s featured communications experts, Thaler Pekar, will share ideas about how nonprofits can find and develop stories in support of an organization’s Pick.Click.Give. efforts.  Here is some of what Thaler has to say about storytelling and Pick.Click.Give.:  [Read More... ]

Dec 31

Mark and The Arc

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Tomorrow marks the start of a new year, and for Pick.Click.Give. it's the start of the fifth year Alaskans will use their power to make a difference by sharing some of their Permanent Fund Dividends with causes they care about.

One way Alaskans are choosing to make a difference is in the lives of families who experience disabilities. In "Mark and The Arc," we take a look at how Alaskans have used Pick.Click.Give. to help provide a home for Mark Falsey. 

"Your parenting doesn't stop with any of your children," says Mark's mother, Margaret.  "But it really doesn't stop when you have a child with a disability."


  [Read More... ]

Dec 06

Helping Alaskans in crisis

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In your average roomful of 100 Alaska women, well over half of them – 59 – have been physically abused or sexually assaulted in their lifetimes.

When you pass a woman on the sidewalk, in the aisle at the grocery store, on a ski trail or in the car next to you, there’s a better than 50-50 chance she is among the victims.

This epidemic knows no geographical bounds. The rates can’t be attributed to one region, or one town, or to big towns, or to villages.

For many, this statistic isn’t just sad -- it’s a little hard to accept. It just doesn’t seem possible. But for the social workers, legal advocates, prosecutors and investigators who work in the field, it’s completely believable.

“I guess one thing I’m struck by is there’s sort of these two opposing perceptions, and I think both are accurate,” said Saralyn Tabachnick, executive director of Juneau’s AWARE shelter.  [Read More... ]

Dec 05

Nourishing those in need

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At 12:55 p.m. on a Saturday, a dozen or so cars sat idling in the snowy parking lot of the Fairview Community Recreation Center in Anchorage’s Fairview neighborhood.

Cardboard boxes, backpacks and bags were neatly queued on the ground as people, thoroughly bundled up against the cold, chatted with one another in a variety of languages. Smiles came readily.

One older, bearded man called out, “Hey, I got somethin’ for ya!” Handing a copy of a flier advertising the Food Bank of Alaska’s Thanksgiving Blessing out the window of a tired old pickup, he added “Come and get ya some groceries, and don’t forget your fork and spoon!”  [Read More... ]

Nov 16

Busting the boring webinar

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Webinar.  The word itself can send chills down the spines of many nonprofit professionals.

We’ve all experienced the horror of a bad webinar: phone wedged uncomfortably between our ear and shoulder, coffee in one hand and mouse in the other, staring vacantly at the computer screen while we try to stay tuned in to a sluggish presentation.

We know how frustrating a boring webinar can be, and that’s why we’re trying to do it differently at Pick.Click.Give.

How?  [Read More... ]

Nov 09

PCG offers national trainer in social media

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Perhaps the most requested subject for our training sessions for Pick.Click.Give. is how to use social media. This year we’re bringing you two sessions from a nationally known expert in the field.  [Read More... ]

Nov 02

PCG webinar slides available

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We're offering a series of webinars to help you promote your participation in PCG. To help those of you who haven't been able to attend, we've posted the slides here. Check out the ways other organizations made the most of their participation in PCG and use their ideas to promote your campaign. To join a future webinar, click here.  [Read More... ]

Oct 08

Pick.Click.Give. featured in Nonprofit Quarterly

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Pick.Click.Give. was highlighted today on Nonprofit Quarterly's newswire under the headline "Pick. Click. Give. Exhibits Alaskan Generosity Even in Hard Times." Click here to read the article.  [Read More... ]

Oct 05

Classes available for 2013 PCG organizations

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The Foraker Group is offering a series of webinars to help nonprofits that are part of PCG 2013. Join your PCG peers for a series of conversations to make the most of your involvement in the program. Check out the opportunities.  [Read More... ]

Checks are expected to be delivered by the end of October to organizations that participated in the 2012 Pick.Click.Give. campaign. 

The state department of revenue released preliminary totals in April for the campaign. At the close of the regular three-month filing period on March 31, 2012, over 23,000 individuals had pledged over 37,000 gifts totaling $2,200,800. More than 400 organizations participated in the program this year.

Click here for the list in alphabetical order. Click here for the list according to the amount pledged. Totals may change slightly when the checks are issued. 

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