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Nov 16

Busting the boring webinar

    Posted under: training  

Webinar.  The word itself can send chills down the spines of many nonprofit professionals.

We’ve all experienced the horror of a bad webinar: phone wedged uncomfortably between our ear and shoulder, coffee in one hand and mouse in the other, staring vacantly at the computer screen while we try to stay tuned in to a sluggish presentation.

We know how frustrating a boring webinar can be, and that’s why we’re trying to do it differently at Pick.Click.Give.

How?  For starters, we strive to deliver only the information you’re interested in.  To do that, we’ve broken this year’s webinars into three categories targeted at three different audiences. 

The first are our general trainings, which are geared toward nonprofits who are participating in Pick.Click.Give. for the first time.  These webinars provide an overview of how the program works and what organizations can expect from their participation. 

Another set of webinars is geared exclusively toward donor development.  Pick.Click.Give. offers nonprofits an unprecedented opportunity to attract new donors.  These trainings focus on strategies for engaging your donors and growing their support and involvement.

The third group of trainings is designed to enhance your communications and outreach.  We know most people who Pick.Click.Give. make up their minds about which causes to support well before they file online.  These webinars share strategies for getting your organization on their radar, and, more importantly, on their Pick.Click.Give. list.

To deliver these trainings, we’ve partnered with The Foraker Group, an agency well-known for delivering high-quality training and support to Alaska’s nonprofits.  We’ve listened to your feedback, reviewed your questions, and tailored the content of these trainings to meet your needs.

We’ve also recruited top-notch presenters who are experts in their fields.  Earlier this week, our communications series participants heard from nationally recognized media firm LightBox Collaborative on effective social media strategies for nonprofits.  Our trainer, LightBox Collaborative Chief Engineer Holly Minch, covered how to use social media to expand our reach beyond the choir we already sing with.  If you missed Holly’s exciting presentation, don’t worry, there’s still time to sign up for her advanced social media training on December 4th

There are several trainings yet to come that you won’t want to miss.  On Monday, November 19th, Nerland Agency President Karen King will share a sneak peek of the 2013 Pick.Click.Give. statewide marketing campaign, as well as provide some tips on crafting your own message.  Our December 19th webinar will feature communications expert Thaler Pekar, who will share powerful ways to share your story with people who care about your cause.  Public relations specialist Kathy Day will lead our January 8th webinar to help you learn more about using local media and other outreach tools to promote your Pick.Click.Give. participation.

Check out the full schedule on The Foraker Group’s website, and sign up now for the trainings that interest you most.  These quick, half-hour sessions are free to organizations participating in Pick.Click.Give.  As always, please let us know if you have bright ideas for training topics or issues you think we need to address. 

We don’t like webinars any more than you do, but they are the best way for us to deliver the information and training you want in a way that disrupts your already packed schedule the least.  So, sign up, call in, and fire up that browser window.  We promise we won’t be boring.


P.S. – Late to the party? No problem!  Check out Pick.Click.Give. on slideshare, where you can review or download the presentations from the trainings we’ve done this year.