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Nonprofits seeking new ways to share information about the important work they do will have the opportunity to learn from leading communications experts during the upcoming Foraker Leadership Summit.  The theme of this year’s Summit is: “Telling Our Stories – As Leaders, As Organizations, and As A Sector.” 

One of the Summit’s featured communications experts, Thaler Pekar, will share ideas about how nonprofits can find and develop stories in support of an organization’s Pick.Click.Give. efforts.  Here is some of what Thaler has to say about storytelling and Pick.Click.Give.:

When you ask people to Pick.Click.Give. to your organization, you are inviting them to be a part of the solution you are offering. They do not need to understand the full scope of the problem you are addressing; they simply need to know that their contribution will play a part in providing your solution.

Share your passion – or, better yet, the passion a fellow Alaskan feels – about your solution.

Can you share a story about how someone learned about your organization for the first time through Pick.Click.Give. and, since receiving information about your organization, has reached out and thanked you for the work you do?

Can you share a story about how someone learned about your organization for the first time through Pick.Click.Give. and is now a regular supporter?

Can you share a story about a longtime donor to your organization who is now also giving through Pick. Click.Give.?

If you earmark the contributions your organization receives through Pick.Click. Give., share a story about the impact of that program. It doesn’t need to be epic. Share a story about how one person was positively impacted by the contributions of fellow Alaskans.

You don’t have a lot of time here: your goal is not to convey all that your organization does, but to spark your audience into remembering a time that they made a donation and felt good about having done so.

Write the story and share it on your website, with a picture if possible. Write a shorter version for Facebook (e.g., “Beth learned about us last year through Pick. Click. Give. and is now a volunteer!”), and an even shorter one for Twitter, that links directly to the Pick. Click. Give. website. Most importantly, share the story with your staff and board, and encourage them to share the story when speaking with friends and family.

By sharing stories about the solution you are providing as a result of Alaskans’ Pick.Click.Give. contributions, people will better understand what your organization does and feel invited to take part in helping your organization. Plus, they can easily share your stories with their friends and family, and invite them to join in, too.

Join us April 22-23 at the Foraker Leadership Summit in Anchorage as Thaler helps us further explore these ideas. You can read more this topic in Thaler’s short article, How to Gather Stories, and learn more about Thaler at her website.