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Archive for November 2011

The Department of Revenue estimates it will take a few more weeks before it can distribute 2011 charitable contributions to Pick. Click. Give. nonprofits. The PFD Division continues to work through its backlog of dividends that were improperly paid to applicants instead of creditors. The estimated impact on charitable deductions is now estimated to be approximately $5,599 spread across 73 of the 401 participating nonprofits. Details are available in this press release.

Nov 22

Pick.Click.Give. Calendar

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Use the PCG calendar to help plan your promotional activities. Note the 15 tips to help you get started.


  • Prepare for “Dividend Day”
  • Write your PCG talking points for media
  • Focus on positive impact of gifts i.e., what your nonprofit provides thanks to individual contributions
  • Create stories: Explain how gifts allow you to fulfill your mission.
    Use stories in letters, newsletters, online, social media posts.
  • Draft your acknowledgement letters to donors
    Include Tax ID and amount of donation.
  • Plan collaborations with geographic or cause-related organizations

Early October

  • Check www.PickClickGive.org for “Dividend Day” press release and other info
  • Send thank you notes to PCG donors
  • Call your local reporter
  • Post updates and thanks in social media (your sites and the PCG Facebook page). Thank your donors and say a word about the services you provide thanks to PCG gifts.

October & November

  • Schedule newsletter content from Dec.- March
  • Sign up for PCG training at The Foraker Group
  • Include PCG logo link on website and e-signatures through March
  • Gather digital content and share on Facebook Interviews with beneficiaries, photos, testimonials.
  • Team up with like-minded nonprofits
    Collaborate on ads, local speaking opportunities.
    Ask a local business to match your PCG gifts.


  • Statewide marketing campaign begins early Dec. Television, radio, social media, etc.
  • Promote your cause and encourage donors to remember you when they file Include stories of impact.
  • Include a word about PCG in public appearances
  • Ask your Board to help (e-signature with PCG logo)
  • Post updates in social media
  • Put PCG logo link on your website, in newsletters, etc.

December (last week)

  • Send emails to donors & posts in social media
  • Place paid advertising
  • Send press release to local media
    Describe the service you provide. List the amount you’ve received in previous years. Name a realistic goal for this year. Remind people to file PFD and remember your cause.

January 1 - PFD filing begins

  • Most Alaskans file for PFDs in the first two weeks.
  • Schedule your media to peak Jan. 1 through Jan. 20


  • Continue PCG promotion. Local ads, collaboration ads, radio call-in, progress press release.

February 15

  • Check www.PickClickGive.org for eligibility application information Prepare paperwork for next year PCG listing.


  • Schedule media push for second half of March More newsletter, email, social media, radio call-in shows.
    Pick up the procrastinators.

March 31

  • PCG donor deadline and PCG eligibility deadline

April (first week)

  • Send press release about pledged gifts
  • Say thank you via email, newsletter, social media


  • Remind donors about “add” deadline of Aug. 31
    Instructions at www.PickClickGive.org.
    Consider letter, email, social media post.