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Archive for November 2012

Nov 02

PCG webinar slides available

    Posted under: training  

We're offering a series of webinars to help you promote your participation in PCG. To help those of you who haven't been able to attend, we've posted the slides here. Check out the ways other organizations made the most of their participation in PCG and use their ideas to promote your campaign. To join a future webinar, click here.  [Read More... ]

Nov 09

PCG offers national trainer in social media

    Posted under: social media   training  

Perhaps the most requested subject for our training sessions for Pick.Click.Give. is how to use social media. This year we’re bringing you two sessions from a nationally known expert in the field.  [Read More... ]

Nov 16

Busting the boring webinar

    Posted under: training  

Webinar.  The word itself can send chills down the spines of many nonprofit professionals.

We’ve all experienced the horror of a bad webinar: phone wedged uncomfortably between our ear and shoulder, coffee in one hand and mouse in the other, staring vacantly at the computer screen while we try to stay tuned in to a sluggish presentation.

We know how frustrating a boring webinar can be, and that’s why we’re trying to do it differently at Pick.Click.Give.

How?  [Read More... ]