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If you need help with your application for the 2013 PCG program, click here for a slide presentation that outlines the process.

Classes also are available. Click here for information.  [Read More... ]

Feb 21

Reminder on classes for PCG 2013 applicants

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The application period is now open for organizations applying to be part of Pick.Click.Give. 2013.

If you have questions about applying or need help with the online application, The Foraker Group is offering classes to help you. Click here to learn more and to register. Classes will be held on Wednesday, Feb. 22, and Monday, Mar. 5.  [Read More... ]

The 2013 application is now available electronically.  An organization can enter its information online and then simply print, sign, and submit a check to complete the process.  [Read More... ]

Two weeks ago, we announced the first winner of the Pick. Click. Give. Confessional, Erin Harrington of Kodiak, who chose to give her prize - a $500 donation in her name - to the Kodiak Public Library Association.

At the end of last week, we picked another winner. We'll be picking one more winner on Tuesday, January 17.

The contest encourages people to "Confess" to giving through Pick. Click. Give., and to encourage their friends and family to give. Winners are chosen randomly choose from the confessions in the contest application.

And our second winner is... Ann Myren of Haines!   [Read More... ]

Erin HarringtonLast week, we started running the 2nd Annual Pick. Click. Give. Confesional - also known as "I Confess to Pick. Click. Give." The contest encourages people to "Confess" to giving through Pick. Click. Give. runs to Tuesday, Jan 17. This year, we will randomly choose three winners from the confessions here

And we have our first winner! 

Erin Harrington of Kodiak made this confession: "I confess our new library will be getting my PFD this year."

Why did she confess? In her confession, she wrote, "Because I can make a difference."

It just so happens that Erin is also the Chairman of the Kodiak Public Library Association, the nonprofit that will receive the $500 donation from us in her name. Not only does she care about her cause, but she also volunteers to support it AND entered a contest on it's behalf.   [Read More... ]

Dec 22

Your Guide to Making a Difference

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Again this year, we will insert a guide into Alaska newspapers that tells the story of Pick.Click.Give. You can get a copy here.

The Department of Revenue estimates it will take a few more weeks before it can distribute 2011 charitable contributions to Pick. Click. Give. nonprofits. The PFD Division continues to work through its backlog of dividends that were improperly paid to applicants instead of creditors. The estimated impact on charitable deductions is now estimated to be approximately $5,599 spread across 73 of the 401 participating nonprofits. Details are available in this press release.

Oct 09

Note to 2011 Pick. Click. Give. organizations

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Your information is coming soon.

We know you’re anxious to learn the final totals for the donations you received this year. That information will be mailed to you – along with the list of people who gave to your organization, no later than the end of this month. At that time you’ll be able to thank your donors and put their generous contributions to work. Again, watch for your packet in the mail the last few days of this month.

The Department of Revenue has released the list of Alaska organizations that will participate in the 2012 Pick. Click. Give. charitable contributions program. Donors can click here to plan for the organizations or causes they want to support during next year’s permanent fund dividend cycle.  [Read More... ]