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Dec 23

It's Time to Confess to Pick. Click. Give.

    Posted under: social  

It's that time of year again - time to "Confess to Pick. Click. Give."

What does that mean? It means we want you to start thinking about - and talking about - Pick. Click. Give. on Facebook and in social media. And we want you to "Confess."

Confess that you're going to give a portion of your PFD in the coming year to an Alaska nonprofit - or several.

Confess that you're going to support a cause - or causes - that you believe in.

And by "confessing" to your friends, family, fans, and followers, you're letting them know that they, too, can give when they sign up for their 2012 PFD online.

Like last year, we're opening "The Confessional" to let you make your confession on Facebook. But that's not all...  [Read More... ]