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Give a little hand.
Make dreams take flight.
Pick.Click.Give. allows Alaskans to share their Permanent Fund Dividend with causes they care about.
Your donation - big or small - goes directly to your chosen nonprofit.
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Sucess Story

Mark and The Arc

Tomorrow marks the start of a new year, and for Pick.Click.Give. it's the start of the fifth year Alaskans will use their power to make a difference by sharing some of their Permanent Fund Dividends with causes they care about.   Read More >

Sucess Story

Helping Alaskans in crisis

In your average roomful of 100 Alaska women, well over half of them – 59 – have been physically abused or sexually assaulted in their lifetimes. When you pass a woman on the sidewalk, in the aisle at the grocery store, on a ski trail or in the car next to you, there’s a better than 50-50 chance she is among the victims.   Read More >

Donor Stories: Why I Pick.Click.Give.
Donor Story From Nancy    Valdez

I support Pick.Click.Give because in the past I have had to use services. So, to pay it forward feels good. I know the PFD is a gift given to us each year due to the wisdom of many good people who thought of our future before it was a cool thing to do. So, in honor of those people with such wisdom and foresite I use Pick.Click.Give to honor their wisdom. So, what are you waiting for? Pay it forward or...... Read more

Donor Story From Lisa    Funny River

Anne Frank once said: "How wonderful that no one need wait a single moment to improve the world". I say "How wonderful that no Alaskan need wait a single moment to improve Alaska!". It took me 30 seconds to PCG to protect the beautiful watersheds of the Kenai Peninsula by donating to the Kenai Watershed Forum. Now it's your turn!... Read more

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