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Donor Stories

Inspire others by sharing your Pick.Click.Give. story. Over 23,000 Alaskans gave through PCG last year, let's share our stories and help causes we care about - your story will be posted here and you'll have the option to share it to your Facebook or Twitter feed. Let's spread the word about Pick.Click.Give. and raise even more support in 2013!

Donor Stories: Why I Pick.Click.Give.

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Donor Story From Jazz    Fairbanks
Posted 03-29-17
I Pick Click Give because it serves to help the youth in our communities to learn, serve and grow and that's great for every Alaskan!

Donor Story From Amy    Nome
Posted 08-31-15
I gave my main donation to Alaska Native regional non-profit (Kawerak, Inc) because this year is critical for funding their project to complete the first ever Alaska Native cultural center for the Bering Strait Region. I also gave to UAF Northwest Campus to show my support for all they do for our community of Nome, and our region.

Donor Story From Marika    Anchorage
Posted 12-31-14
I Pick.Click.Give. because I'm an Alaskan.

Donor Story From Ryan    Anchorage
Posted 12-20-14
Alaskans are blessed that our leaders had the foresight and vision to set up a program like the Alaska Permanent Fund. It is our civic duty to make sure that these funds benefit the greatest public good possible. I support Alaskan charities through Pick Click Give because I know that we have a brief window on this planet to leave it better than we found it. The windfall type profits that come from the PFD are the best way that we can accomplish that goal. I find it exciting every year to know that with just a couple of clicks of the mouse that I can make a positive impact on the future of Alaska and the world we live in.

Donor Story From Diane    Anchorage
Posted 12-19-14
Pick Click Give makes me feel good about doing something for people trying to make Alaska a better place to live. I travel around Alaska during the year and this is a way to help the communities I visit in a small way with a gift to the women's shelter or local arts organization. Given that I don't pay any local or state sales tax, state income tax, and I get a check from the state, it just feels right to give something back.

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