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Donor Stories

Inspire others by sharing your Pick.Click.Give. story. Over 23,000 Alaskans gave through PCG last year, let's share our stories and help causes we care about - your story will be posted here and you'll have the option to share it to your Facebook or Twitter feed. Let's spread the word about Pick.Click.Give. and raise even more support in 2013!

Donor Stories: Why I Pick.Click.Give.

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Donor Story From Jane    Unalaska
Posted 12-16-14
I donated to Unalaska Community Broadcasting, our local nonprofit TV and radio station, which provides news, information and entertainment to our little town out on the Bering Sea. I also happen to work there and I like supporting my organization through PCG. :) My other donation went to Unalaskans Against Sexual Assault and Family Violence, which provides many unique and necessary services to our community.

Donor Story From lori    Palmer
Posted 03-04-14
I support STOP the Overpopulation of Pets, Inc. because I have volunteered for this organization since 2002, and I know it is all-volunteer, dedicated to saving lives, and helps speak for those who cannot speak for themselves--dogs and cats. It represents those small organizations that does good deeds every day, yet is hardly known and rarely recognized outside of those who use its services. Thank you, STOP, and other humane societies, for helping to save animals and stop the killing of healthy, adoptable pets at Alaska's animal controls.

Donor Story From Laura    Anchorage
Posted 01-28-14
I chose to Pick.Click.Give. to Polar Pug Rescue. They are a wonderful organization that takes in not only pugs but other small dogs that need to be rescued. Their volunteers foster the animals until they find a safe and loving home. I am a big dog lover and an owner of a puggle, so this is the organization I chose to help.

Donor Story From Lou Ann    Anchorage
Posted 01-28-14
Why do I pick, click and give to Standing Together Against Rape (STAR)? This organization provides outstanding service to all Alaskan’s who are faced with a sexual violence crisis. They are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week each and every day of the year. Using Pick.Click.Give. is one more way I can help this organization of dedicated staff and volunteers due their very tough job a little easier. STAR is a star among all of the non-profits in Alaska!

Donor Story From Peg    Anchorage
Posted 01-01-14
My PCG contribution each year goes to Friends of Pets. This year is FOP's 25th anniversary as an all-volunteer organization, dedicated to a community where companion animals are treated with respect, compassion and integrity. I know that my dollars will go directly to those who need it, and I am glad that PCG provides a way for me to always help this cause. Thanks to all of you who contribute to the good works YOU care about in Alaska!

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