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Getting the most from your participation

We encourage organizations to use existing resources and the online toolkit to:

  • Announce your participation to existing stakeholders
  • Make your case for current donors to "give a little extra"
  • Encourage donors to identify themselves on the PFD application so you will have a record of their gift and can recognize them for it
  • Commit to on-going donor communication with an emphasis on how gifts support your mission
  • Thank and recognize donors
    • If you haven't already done it, write your donor recognition plan.
    • Involve everyone in your organization -- board, staff and volunteers -- in appropriate recognition.

We encourage you to promote Pick.Click.Give. to your stakeholders in a way that's appropriate for your organization -- through newsletter articles, presentations, your website and with ads in your local newspapers.

Don't see what you need? Call us at 249-6616 or email [email protected]/* */

Watch this site -- more items will be added to the toolkit as the campaign continues. 

15 tips

  1. Check out the tool kits and resources on this site.
  2. Let your stakeholders know about the website so they can feel confident about the program and their donations.
  3. Make a plan to communicate with your existing donors and stakeholders about your listing on the PFD online application.
  4. Highlight the opportunity for your donors to give online if you have never had the option before now.
  5. Highlight the opportunity for your donors to extend their gifts and give “a little extra” through their PFD.
  6. Encourage your donors to let you know they have picked your organization for their gift so you can thank them and connect them to your mission throughout the year.
  7. Commit your organization to recognition and stewardship of all your donors.
  8. Create meaningful long-term opportunities for transparency and communication with your donors.
  9. Download the ad template and use it in your newsletter, website and postcards to each of your stakeholders.
  10. Add the Pick.Click.Give. logo and website to your email signature.
  11. Create a positive buzz about the statewide media campaign that will begin in December.
  12. Celebrate the opportunity that now all Alaskans who file online can give to the organizations they choose.
  13. Collaborate with organizations in your community that are on the list to buy local media space and split the cost. It’s a great way to highlight all the nonprofits in your area that are part of Pick.Click.Give. – and share the promotional costs.
  14. Attend a free training on the Pick.Click.Give program. Sign-up at www.forakergroup.org.
  15. Post the PCG calendar to track your promotional activities.


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How to Pick.Click.Give.
Please use this step by step guide to show donors how they can Pick.Click.Give even after they've filed for their PFD.
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