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Alaska Kidney Patients Association

About Us

The Alaska Kidney Patients (AKPA) has been providing the kidney patients of Alaska with support, education, and advocacy since 1999. In 2012, the AKPA expanded their mission to include promoting organ donation, public education, and the prevention of kidney disease. The Alaska Kidney Patients Association is committed to providing support, education and advocacy to kidney patients and their families, promoting organ donation, public education, and the prevention of kidney disease.

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Your Pick.Click.Give. donation support the Alaska Kidney Patients Association in their mission of supporting current kidney patients and working to prevent more Alaskans from becoming kidney patients.

Kidney disease is on the rise in Alaska. In the last ten years, the number of Alaskans with End State Renal Disease (ESRD) has more than doubled. ESRD is the complete, or almost complete, failure of the kidneys to function or they stop working well enough for you to live without dialysis or a transplant. This kind of kidney failure is permanent. If you have ESRD, you will need dialysis or a kidney transplant to live.

Our vision and our programs:
Alaskans will be educated on the importance of preventing kidney disease.
Alaskans at risk of kidney disease will have early kidney health screenings.
Alaskans with kidney disease will be knowledgeable and empowered health care consumers.
Alaskans will have timely kidney transplants and donations for all organs will be increased.

The AKPA continues to provide Alaskan kidney patients with educational opportunities through the patient education symposium; quarterly newsletters; support groups/peer to peer mentoring; and the AKPA website. All are tools kidney patients can use to become more knowledgeable and empowered health care consumers.

Public education on the risk factors of kidney disease and the importance of the kidneys is done through public speaking, Kidney Education Forums, media PSA’s, Free Kidney Risk Assessments and the promotional message for the Kidney Walk that include kidney education.

We started the living Donor workshops to teach the kidney transplant candidates techniques to assist them locate a living kidney donor, rather than spend years waiting on the transplant list. The Living Donor workshops are also designed to take the mystery out of being a living kidney donor and provide a forum for a potential donor to ask questions. The Dash for Donation, creating a sea of green, is a visible reminder to the community of the desperate need for organs and also the success of transplantation.

KSAP (Kidney Screening and Awareness Program) screens individuals at risk for kidney disease - those with diabetes, hypertension, or who have an immediate relative with diabetes, hypertension or a history of kidney disease - for symptoms of kidney disease.

Main Address

5411 Mockingbird Drive #218
Anchorage, AK 99507
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205 E Dimond Blvd #820
Anchorage, AK 99515




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Past Contributions

2014: $1,475.00
2015: $2,200.00
2016: $2,475.00
2017: $1,551.13
Total: $7,701.13

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