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Anchorage Park Foundation

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About Us
The Anchorage Park Foundation builds Healthy Parks and Healthy People by mobilizing public support and financial resources for Anchorage parks, trails, and recreation opportunities.

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Remember the hill you went sledding on as a kid? The pirate ship you played on after school? Maybe you lost your first tooth in a park, or that’s where you had your first kiss. Memories are a part of what makes our city parks so special. Anchorage parks and trails make our community more livable and increase our quality of life.

Anchorage has 224 parks, 84 playgrounds, and 250 miles of trails and greenbelts linking neighborhoods with surrounding natural open spaces and wildlife habitat (135 miles of paved trails). For ten years, the Anchorage Park Foundation has been working with neighbors to identify park and trail priorities and raise the funds needed to accomplish community improvements.

Anchorage parks are vital for community health and neighborhood connectivity, support healthy lifestyles, and increase prosperity in the long-run for a healthy economy. APF bridges the gap between our city’s growing needs and limited municipal financial resources, engaging volunteers and youth in stewardship of our green spaces. Our Youth Employment in Parks program has employed over 200 Anchorage teenagers. Through Schools on Trails, we are connecting ASD students to outdoor learning labs and safer routes to school and play. With programs like Neighborhood Park Fix-Its and Challenge Grants, APF has leveraged thousands of volunteer hours and private dollars into tangible results that benefit the public.
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EIN: 41-2205907
Contact: (907) 274-1004
Web: Click for web site
Address: 3201 C Street Suite 110
Anchorage, AK 99503
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Past Pledges: 2014: $5,475.00
2015: $8,564.00
2016: $6,450.00
Total: $20,489.00

Cause Types
  Youth & Education
      Child Abuse and Neglect
      Primary, Vocational, or Secondary Education
      Workforce Development
      Youth Development
      Aid and Services to Individuals in Emergency Situations
      Aid and Services to Victims of Crime
      Aid and Services to the Elderly
      Aid and Services to the Low Income
      Food Assistance
      Animal Rescue
  Arts & Culture
      Arts & Culture
      Public Broadcasting
      Aid and Services to Individuals with Mental Illness
      Aid and Services to the Disabled
      Health and Dental Care
      Economic Development
      Recreational Facilities
      Recycling of Waste