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Girdwood Inc

About Us

Girdwood Inc. is organized exclusively for educational and charitable purposes to facilitate the public service needs of the Girdwood Valley and to pursue other educational and charitable purposes that will foster the economic health and vitality of the region and its inhabitants
Girdwood, Inc. sponsors local educational and charitable organizations that do not have nonprofit standing. We accept and disburse funds for their legitimate charitable purposes as directed. We restored the Alyeska Roundhouse, helped build the new library & community center, and hold cultural events. Our goals are to further serve the community by facilitating grants, supporting more organizations, and bringing further awareness of our work.

How Pick.Click.Give. makes a difference

Girdwood, Inc. (girdwoodinc.org) has sponsored more than thirty organizations in the Girdwood Valley. These groups may gain their own nonprofit status, then not need Girdwood, Inc.’s help; they may use the support only until their project is completed; or they may use Girdwood, Inc.’s support indefinitely. The following three stories show how this happens followed by what Girdwood, Inc. Directors hope to do with the money given through Pick.Click.Give.

The first story involves the Girdwood Nordic Ski Club (GNSC), which is now a strong club with hundreds of members. The GNSC was just a concept for Girdwood until ten years ago when a group of dedicated nordic skiers set a goal to gain land through the Heritage Land Bank, design, and build a race-compatible 5K loop. GNSC used Girdwood, Inc. for incoming grant money and donations until they became their own nonprofit organization. They now operate as a 501(c)3.

Second, the Girdwood Tennis Court Rehab group needed to place their funds with Girdwood, Inc. until they were able to finish rehabilitating the Girdwood tennis courts. A group of volunteers spent hundreds of hours identifying funding and the right contractor to transform dilapidated courts into well-drained, good courts for a rain forest environment. After three years, the courts have a new surface, and players of all ages are enjoying them. The group accomplished its sole goal.

Third, the Girdwood Trails Committee is a permanent committee that is part of Girdwood’s Parks and Recreation role. A dedicated group of members meets each month and keeps all grant funding and donations with Girdwood, Inc. An example of a grant is one from the U.S. Forest Service to rehabilitate the Girdwood Hand Tram at Four Corners. The committee used the money over a period of several years, and Girdwood, Inc. accounted for all the spending for equipment, labor, and new kiosks.
Girdwood, Inc. Board of Directors plans to use Pick.Click.Give. donations to create grants for currently sponsored organizations. Groups needing a grant will apply and have a specific, limited purpose in mind. The amount of each year’s grants will depend on the amount we receive from Pick.Click.Give.

Girdwood, Inc. is a special organization that serves the Girdwood community in a unique way. Please consider Girdwood, Inc. for Pick.Click.Give.

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247 Lake Tahoe Circle
Girdwood, AK 99587
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P O Box 1102
Girdwood, AK 99587




(907) 351-5722

Past Contributions

2016: $250.00
2017: $600.00
Total: $850.00

Cause Types

Economic Development