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Valley Community for Recycling Solutions

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About Us
Valley Community for Recycling Solutions is a community and volunteer based organization serving the residents and businesses of the Mat-Su Borough and the communities connected along the road system. VCRS works with our Borough to reduce the negative impacts of landfilling by recovering resources from the waste stream, with a commitment to make those resources available for local economic development. VCRS provides the opportunity to recycle and educates all ages on the benefits of recycling.

How Pick.Click.Give. makes a difference
Donations from Pick Click Give will be used to maintain and grow our programs while sharing what we have learned with other Alaskan communities.

VCRS operates an extensive recycling program. Currently VCRS accepts: mixed paper; office paper; newspaper; corrugated cardboard; steel cans; aluminum cans; kitchen aluminum i.e. pie pans and foil; plastic PET #1 bottles, HDPE # 2 jugs, stretchy plastic, and PP #5 containers. VCRS also accepts for reuse: egg cartons; eye glasses; and Styrofoam peanuts.

VCRS works with local entrepreneurs to use the resources recovered through our program to make products here in Alaska. All of the newspaper plus a bunch of cardboard recycled through our program goes to a local business where it is manufactured into products including cellulous insulation and is sold here in Alaska.

The eye glasses collected through our program go to the Lions Club for folks in need around the world. Egg cartons are sold through our reuse store to local poultry farmers. We also have available in our reuse store boxes for moving and storage, bundles of newspaper for mulch or packing, and large rolls of big sized plastic bags.

VCRS works hard to have a sustainable program. We are known in the recycling industry as having the best product, making it easy for us to move our material as well as receive top dollar for our bales. Having a high quality product also means that if a local manufacturer wants to start a business making products from recycled resources, our material is ready to use.

Our recycling center building represents what we do inside our facility. It was designed constructed and certified to perform to the U.S. Green Council’s Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design (LEED) Gold Level. The building has a classroom with windows that overlook the processing floor and bale storage area so people of all ages are able to safely observe our recycling program in action. Approximately 1,000 students come for fieldtrips to our center each school year. Since our recycling center is located by the MSB Central Landfill, we are able to easily show the importance of reducing what is thrown away, since there is no away. VCRS is in the process of developing our outdoor education center where a tree identified as a birch modified in the historical tradition of the Athabascan culture is the starting point of sharing the beauty of our local environment and the impacts of landfilling on our environment.

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EIN: 92-0174289
Contact: (907) 745-5544
Web: www.valleyrecycling.org
Physical: 9465 E Chanlyut Circle
Palmer, AK 99645
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Mailing: PO Box 876464
Wasilla, AK 99687
Past Pledges: 2012: $4,900.00
2013: $4,475.00
2014: $4,125.00
2015: $4,800.00
2016: $3,747.00
Total: $22,047.00

Additional Locations in other Cities, Towns or Villages
9465 E. Chanlyut Circle
Palmer, AK 99645

Cause Types
  Youth & Education
      Workforce Development
      Economic Development
      Recycling of Waste