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Donations enable us to purchase food, much of which we are able to secure from the Food Bank of Alaska at a drastically reduced cost.  Unlike food banks in other Alaska towns and cities, He Will Provide does not receive any support from local, state, or federal government funds. Although we are not affiliated with any government agency, often the hungry are referred to us by counselors in local social programs.  We welcome you to visit our website  - http://hewillprovidecommunityfoodpantry.yolasite.com
    - Seward He Will Provide Food Pantry

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 Organization City
1. Access Alaska Inc Anchorage
(2 other locations)
2. ACLU of Alaska Foundation Anchorage
(1 other location)
3. AFACT Anchorage Faith and Action Congregations Together Anchorage
(1 other location)
4. Alaska Avalanche School Anchorage
(1 other location)
5. Alaska Branch of the International Dyslexia Association Anchorage
(1 other location)
6. Alaska Center for Children and Adults Fairbanks
(1 other location)
7. Alaska Center for the Blind and Visually Impaired Anchorage
(1 other location)
8. Alaska Dog and Puppy Rescue Palmer
(1 other location)
9. Alaska Family Services Palmer
(4 other locations)
10. Alaska Geographic Anchorage
11. Alaska Health Fair Inc Anchorage
(26 other locations)
12. Alaska Hemophilia Association Anchorage
(1 other location)
13. Alaska Humane Society Adopt a Cat Anchorage
14. Alaska Injury Prevention Center Anchorage
15. Alaska Innocence Project Anchorage
(1 other location)
16. Alaska Legal Services Corporation Anchorage
(10 other locations)
17. Alaska Medical Missions CHA Anchorage
(1 other location)
18. Alaska Mens Run fighting prostate and testicular cancer Anchorage
19. Alaska Moravian Church Bethel
(1 other location)
20. Alaska MS Center Anchorage
21. Alaska Native Justice Center Anchorage
22. Alaska Rural Veterinary Outreach Inc Anchorage
23. Alaska SPCA Anchorage
24. Alaska Veterans Foundation Vetvillageak Anchorage
(2 other locations)
25. Alaskan AIDS Assistance Association Four As Anchorage
(1 other location)