Donor Stories: Why I Pick.Click.Give.
From Rhonda     Soldotna

Posted 01-04-13

I LOVE the Pick.Click.Give program! What a simple way for Alaskans to support non-profit organizations in their area! I TOTALLY buy into the concept of "if each Alaskan gave just $25".... there would be MILLIONS and MILLIONS of dollars going to non-profits across the state.

Each year I chose to donate a portion of my dividend to the Kenai Watershed Forum. Not only is healthy water critical to our survival as a species, but the watersheds on the Kenai Peninsula are critical to the livelihood of the residents of the peninsula for recreational, financial and subsistence purposes. The Kenai Watershed Forum is dedicated to maintaining the health of these watersheds for all through education, research and restoration projects.

I grew up in Soldotna and, as a kid, always took the majestic glacier fed rivers for granted. As an adult, raising a child of my own, I see great value in protecting and maintaining the health of one of our greatest resources to last for my children's children!
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