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Organizations eligible for PFD Charitable Contributions Program announced 333 Alaska nonprofits and the campuses of University of to be listed

The Alaska Department of Revenue has accepted 333 nonprofit organizations and all the campus of the University of Alaska as eligible for the first contributions campaign offered as part of the PFD Charitable Contributions Program. The list was released today by the Alaska Giving Coalition.

The goal of the PFD Charitable Contributions Program is to increase the number of people who give to Alaska nonprofits, as well as the total amount of charitable dollars that are donated. The program became law in July and allows Alaskans who file on-line for their PFD to donate all or part of it to eligible charitable, educational and nonprofit organizations, including the University of Alaska and community foundations. The costs for the program are being paid by the Rasmuson Foundation to encourage the growth of philanthropy in Alaska.

“We’re very pleased to have this program available to Alaskans,” said Jim Caldarola, chair of the Alaska Giving Coalition. Your contributions will support the important work of nonprofit organizations. “The PFD Charitable Contributions Program is a new and innovative way for Alaskans to give to organizations around the state that improve our lives and communities. Whether or not you have made donations to nonprofit organizations in the past, we urge you to take a close look at this new program. The PFD Charitable Contributions Program is an excellent way to make a first contribution or to increase your current giving.”

A team made up of the Alaska Giving Coalition, The Foraker Group, United Way of Anchorage, the Rasmuson Foundation, and many other organizations is helping the state implement the program. Each year of the three-year program, organizations will go through an application program to be included.

“The organizations that qualified for the 2009 PFD application represent the diversity of nonprofits around the state,” according to Jim Caldarola, “

The list of qualifying organizations is available on The Foraker Group website. Go to http://www.forakergroup.org/pfd

The group implementing the program is carrying out a public information campaign this fall to help Alaskans learn how they can participate in the process.

More information is available at The Foraker Group website, including a list of most commonly asked questions about the program. If Internet access is not available, people may call 1-877-785-GIFT (4438) for information.