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Organizations can file for PFD Pick, Click, Give charitable deductions

Juneau Empire – May 31, 2009

JUNEAU – Every organization that was eligible for a pledged donation from the 2009 Permanent Fund Dividend Pick, Click, Give program has received at least one planned contribution from Alaskans applying for their PFDs online.

The program, in its first year, allows hundreds of charities to receive voluntary donations from Alaskans who receive dividend checks in the fall.

The 2010 Pick, Click, Give program is coming right up. The Juneau Community Foundation, an affiliate of Alaska Community Foundation, reminds nonprofit leaders that there are deadlines for charities reapplying for the program. Even if they qualified for this year, they must reapply no later than June 15 (postmark deadline).

But there’s every reason to be early on the application because if there are any problems with the application, organizations will need two weeks to make corrections and still meet the deadline, according to the Foraker Group, which is managing the outreach and communications of the Pick, Click, Give program for the Alaska Department of Revenue.

The Foraker Group is recommending that applications be submitted no later than May 31.

For more information on the PFD Pick, Click, Give program, go to the Foraker Group Web site at www.forakergroup.org.