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Hello 2009 Pick. Click. Give. Organizations

Congratulations! The long wait is over. We are pleased to share with you that in its first year, more than 5,500 Alaskans made pledged more than $545,000 to Alaska nonprofits, community foundations and the university system through Pick. Click. Give., the Permanent Fund Dividend Charitable Contributions Program.

Your check is on the way through the mail and will include the majority of your funds and donor information. A small number of applications are still pending. Any donations made through those applications will be paid out in early January 2010. A list of current contributions to each organization is on the Pick. Click. Give website. Again, specific donor information will be included with your check.

We are thrilled to share the generosity of our fellow Alaskans with you. We strongly encourage you to reach out to your donors as soon as possible- thank them, let them know how their donations help your organization and invite them to become more involved in your mission. Please don’t miss this important opportunity to connect with them.

The Foraker Group and The Alaska Giving Coalition are offering a number of classes to help with ideas for successful donor outreach. Check out the calendar on Foraker Group’s website www.forakergroup.org These classes are free. You can also call me directly if you would like to discuss ideas for successful donor cultivation.

The success of this program relies on your ability to connect to your stakeholders. Thank you for past and future efforts.