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After several days of successful filings, organizers of Pick. Click. Give. say the system is fixed and Alaskans should feel confident that they can now make contributions to their favorite charitable organizations through the Permanent Fund Dividend (PFD) Charitable Contributions Program.

“Pick. Click. Give. is working as intended,” said Cassandra Stalzer, communications manager at Rasmuson Foundation. “Alaskans are back online making their donations without difficulty.”

Stalzer pointed out that at the current rate of participation, Pick. Click. Give. is on track to experience an increase in the donation rate of the 2009 program by 60 percent. She said that about half of those who have filed are choosing to support more than one organization.

As of this morning, Stalzer said, close to 125,000 people had applied online for their Permanent Fund Dividend (PFD) and approximately 1,000 made donations through Pick. Click. Give. During the three days since the technical problems were resolved, the rate of participation has been approximately 1.6 percent each day. In 2009, 1 percent of Alaskans who filed online for their PFD made donations through Pick. Click. Give.

“We’re very pleased with the increased rate of giving,” Stalzer said. “It shows us that Alaskans do care about helping people in need and that they are willing to come back to Pick. Click. Give. to do that.”

Stalzer said the PFD Division of the Department of Revenue responded quickly when it became apparent during the first day of filing that a problem existed in the Pick. Click. Give. system. She emphasized that the division is continuing efforts to create a process that allows Alaskans to make a contribution through Pick. Click. Give. even if they already submitted their online application. Details on the process for donating will be announced as soon as they are finalized.