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The 2010 Permanent Fund Dividend (PFD) filing period is less than half over and already the number of people donating through the Pick. Click. Give. Charitable Contributions Program has surpassed the 2009 level. As of this week, 5,325 Alaskans have chosen to donate part of their PFD to a favorite charitable organization. So far, 348,010 applications have been filed online, and Alaskans still have until March 31, 2010 to apply.

The rate at which Alaskans are making contributions through Pick. Click. Give has nearly doubled over last year. Excluding the first three days of the filing period when technical difficulties prevented most filers from using the online contributions tool, nearly two percent of filers are directing some of their PFD to a cause of their choice, and about half of those are choosing to support more than one organization. Last year one percent of filers participated in the program.

The Alaska Department of Revenue is expected in the coming days to announce a solution for people who experienced technical problems with Pick. Click. Give. that allows them to go back and make a donation. All Alaskans who have previously filed will be able to amend their PFD application to add a Pick. Click. Give. donation if they did not already do so.

Information on the PFD Charitable Contributions Program can be found at www.PickClickGive.org. Alaskans also can join the campaign on social networks including Facebook and Twitter, and learn more on the blog at www.PickClickGive.org/blog.