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ANCHORAGE: March 4, 2011 – Alaska nonprofits participating in this year’s Pick. Click. Give. can now learn how much donors have pledged to them mid-way through the filing season for the 2011 Permanent Fund Dividend. The Department of Revenue PFD Division compiled the numbers through February 18 and shared them with participating organizations last week. The data show the number of contributions per nonprofit and the pledged amount thus far.

In total, as of this morning, March 4, there are 14,976 individuals making 22,061 pledges for a total of $1,193,800.

“The PFD Division accepts gifts from Alaskans who have already filed for their PFD,” said Jordan Marshall, project manager for Rasmuson Foundation, one of the supporters of Pick. Click. Give. “Prospective donors who forgot or were too rushed when they applied for their PFD online can look for the ‘Add or Change a Charitable Contribution’ button at the PFD Division home page. We hope, too, that having these numbers in hand helps organizations better prepare their promotional activities through the end of the PFD filing period on March 31.”

Marshall cautioned that the reported amounts are pledges and should not be viewed as final contributions. Pledges are subject to change that could be caused by withdrawals, garnishments, and the occasional donor who pledges more than the final dividend amount.

“This is a rare opportunity for organizations to see their pledges thus far,” Jordan said. “The Department of Revenue does not provide Pick. Click. Give. data on an individual basis.”

If Alaskans who already filed want to give a first or additional gift to an organization, a link to “How to Donate – even if you’ve already filed for your Permanent Fund Dividend” instructions can be found on the home page of both www.pfd.alaska.gov and www.PickClickGive.org.

The list of pledges to organizations is available in the same location on the Pick. Click. Give. web page under Quick Links – click on “2011 Midway Pledge Data.”