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ANCHORAGE, AK – October 10, 2011. The Department of Revenue this week released figures showing the lion’s share of charitable cash contributions made from Alaskans’ 2011 Permanent Fund Dividends through Pick. Click. Give. Top recipients include charities focused on hunger, homelessness, and Alaskans in emergency situations.

“Alaskans spoke with their dividend this year,” said Jordan Marshall, special projects manager with Rasmuson Foundation, one of the supporters of Pick. Click. Give. “The greatest number of gifts were directed toward Alaskans who are struggling to make ends meet or who have been touched by some misfortune. Alaskans also clearly care about their pets.”

The list of organizations and the amount they received in the first distribution for 2011 is available below or through “Quick Links” on the home page. A searchable list of organizations that qualified for the 2012 program also is available here.

“We are grateful to everyone who gave,” said Marshall, “and we thank them for their generous donations and support of Pick. Click. Give.”

Close to 19,000 Alaskans gave $1.5 million this year, the third year of the program. That compares to a little over 5,000 people giving $545,000 in 2009, and 9,500 people giving $927,000 last year.

A check and list of donors will be mailed to each organization before the end of this month.

These totals represent the majority of donations made to specific organizations. Another distribution later this year is scheduled to include a small number of contributions made by applicants whose individual dividend amount has not yet been finalized.