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Halfway to 2012 goal, pledges thus far total $1 million

ANCHORAGE, Jan 24, 2012 – Generous Alaskans from across the state are opting to give a portion of their 2012 Permanent Fund dividend to nonprofit causes at rates that exceed the first three years of the program. Participation rates of 4.5 percent and an average $87 per donor thus far translate into $1,003,775 in pledged gifts this year, according to data provided by the Permanent Fund Dividend Division.

The million dollar figure represents the halfway point to this year’s campaign goal.

“These $25, $50, and $100 gifts add up quickly,” said Deborah Bitney, director of the Permanent Fund Dividend Division, “and the average participation rate is up a full percentage point over last year. As of this morning, 11,497 Alaskans across the state have pledged $1,003,775.”

Project organizers say Alaskans should be proud.

“We are bowled over by the response,” said Jordan Marshall, manager of initiatives and special projects for Rasmuson Foundation. “We Alaskans care about our communities and we understand that our quality of life is improved when we support the nonprofit causes we care about through Pick. Click. Give.”

The 2012 campaign includes more outreach from participating nonprofits than ever before, with dozens of organizations sharing stories of impact from charitable gifts with prospective donors. Outreach methods include e-mail notices, links to the online PFD application, and collaboration among groups.

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For more information, contact: Jordan Marshall, 907-334-0510; Deborah Bitney, 907-465-4785