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ANCHORAGE, December 31, 2013 – Alaskans are expected to receive much larger Permanent Fund Dividends in 2014 and Pick.Click.Give. hopes that, coupled with its new campaign, will increase donations. When they begin filing for their Permanent Fund Dividends tomorrow, Alaskans will notice a new theme. Pick.Click.Give. has adopted Lovalaska as its annual giving campaign, a theme connecting the pride Alaskans feel about their unique state with the importance of supporting its many nonprofits.

PCG did some research this past year and found that 78 percent of Alaskans know about the program, but only four percent donate; that those who have donated feel good about it; and that Alaskans take great pride in being Alaskan.

“Our challenge was to take this information and create a new campaign for Pick.Click.Give. that moves Alaskans from awareness to action by tapping into the love and pride we feel for our state,” said PCG Program Manager Heather Beaty. “We wanted to connect that pride to the importance of donating to organizations that make Alaska a better place to live. That was the genesis of Lovalaska.”

Experts predict PFDs could double and Alaskans have 512 Pick.Click.Give. nonprofit organizations in 50 communities to which they can donate this year. Last year, a record 26,000 Alaskans donated $2.4 million from their PFDs. More than $7 million has been raised through the program since it began six years ago.

Alaskans have until March 31, 2014, to file for their PFDs. For a complete list of organizations, and to filter by cause and community, visit www.PickClickGive.org.