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Anchorage, December 31, 2014 – When Alaskans begin filing for their 2015 Permanent Fund dividends tomorrow, they will have the chance to share their PFDs with nonprofit organizations across Alaska. Last year, Pick.Click.Give. offered ten lucky Alaskans the opportunity to double their dividend and in October 2014, those 10 Alaskans received a second dividend totaling $1,884 – just by choosing to Pick.Click.Give.

“With the Double Your Dividend sweepstakes, it was exciting to see so many Alaskans make the choice to support Alaska nonprofit causes,” said PCG Program Manager Heather Beaty. “With the raise in participation we saw by offering the sweepstakes last year, we are excited to offer it again in 2015. We hope to continue to see Alaskans to be motivated to share a small part of their PFD with causes they care about.”

The Double Your Dividend Sweepstakes is a way to encourage Alaskans who may not have participated in the program before, to donate to nonprofits they care about in a convenient and safe way. PCG has completed research and found that 78 percent of Alaskans have knowledge of the program, but just under five percent of Alaskans donated in 2014.

Experts predict PFDs will increase slightly again this year and Alaskans have 540 Pick.Click.Give. nonprofits in 51 communities to which they can donate. Last year, a record 26,773 Alaskans donated $2.7 million from their PFDs. More than $10 million has been raised through the program since it began in 2009.

Alaskans have until March 31, 2015, to file for their PFDs.

Pick.Click.Give was created by the Alaska State Legislature in 2008 and allows Alaskans filing for their PFD online to donate all or part of it to the campuses of the University of Alaska, community foundations, and eligible charitable and educational organizations. After a three-year pilot project, Pick.Click.Give. is now a permanent part of the PFD program.

For a complete list of sweepstakes rules and nonprofit organizations benefitting from the program, visit www.PickClickGive.org.

Supporters of Pick.Click.Give. include ExxonMobil, Alaska Mental Health Trust, BP Alaska, Mat-Su Health Foundation, Alaska Children’s Trust, Rasmuson Foundation, The Foraker Group, United Way of Anchorage, and MSI Communications.