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Pick.Click.Give. announces “Double Your Dividend” sweepstakes winners

Anchorage, AK – Five lucky Alaskans who made charitable donations through Pick.Click.Give. were chosen as the winners of the 2017 “Double Your Dividend” sweepstakes. Of the more than 20,000 people who made non-anonymous pledges, five were chosen at random to win a cash prize equal to the 2017 dividend amount. Unlike previous Double Your Dividend sweepstakes, this year had an added bonus. In the spirit of philanthropy, winners were awarded a $1,100 grant to donate to a nonprofit of their choice in addition to their personal prize money.


Winners of the Pick.Click.Give. “Double Your Dividend” sweepstakes are:

Hannah Kahahawai of Palmer

On how she has designated her PCG nonprofit award money: 

“I am awarding my prize money to two different nonprofits. I would like to divide the money evenly between Challenge Alaska and the Fisher House of Alaska. I chose to give to Challenge Alaska because I think that even if someone has a disability they shouldn’t be left out. They should have the opportunity to enjoy all the fun activities our beautiful state has to offer and Challenge Alaska helps make that possible with their programs. I also chose the Fisher House because I come from a military family and I think it is so important for families to be close to their loved ones during stressful times. The Fisher house provides both relief and comfort.”

 Hannah and Family, photo submitted by Hannah Kahahawai

Steven Jewell of Nikiski

On how he has designated his PCG nonprofit award money: 

“I would like to name Alaska’s Extended Life Animal Sanctuary as the nonprofit to also get prize money. We do not have children so our pets are our kids. I appreciate what this facility is doing for strays and unwanted animals on the Kenai Peninsula. I know they are trying to expand their facility to provide better care for the animals currently residing there and for future animals needing help. I think they could make this money go a long way toward that goal.”

Mark Norquist of Anchorage

On how he has designated his PCG nonprofit award money:

“Half to Alaska Public Media as it is a tremendous service for the people of Alaska and probably the most unbiased news source available. Half to Friends of the Chugach National Forest Avalanche Information Center, as I am an avid backcountry skier and they provide extremely valuable information to help keep me and my fellow outdoor adventure buddies safe.”

 Mark and Djembe, photo submitted by Mark Norquist



Whitney Flores of Anchorage

On how she has designated her PCG nonprofit award money: 

“The organizations that I would like to donate to in equal amounts are Off the Chain Bicycle Education Corporation, Planned Parenthood of the Great Northwest and the Hawaiian Islands, Alaska Center, and the Food Bank of Alaska. I am choosing Off the Chain because it is an important part of our community. To me personally, it has provided me with lifelong friends, bicycle knowledge and the ability to feel confident riding in Anchorage. Off the Chain has dedicated volunteers that are always willing to help you learn about your bike. I have chosen Planned Parenthood because I believe that reproductive health and education is something that we all need access to. I am donating to the Alaska Center because I care deeply about environmental impacts that are affecting Alaska and feel that the Center’s efforts to educate the public and politicians about these impacts is imperative to forming better policies. Lastly, I am donating to the Food Bank of Alaska because food security and food access are important issues to me. No one should be hungry and the Food Bank of Alaska provides much needed access to those in need.”

 Whitney Flores, photo submitted by Whitney Flores


Candis Knowles of Palmer

On how she has designated her PCG nonprofit award money: 

Candis’ designations are: Mat Su Senior Services, Friends of the Palmer Public Library, and Anchorage Gospel Rescue Mission, for all the incredible work they do.