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Category Archives: 2009 Press

Hello 2009 Pick. Click. Give. Organizations Congratulations! The long wait is over. We are pleased to share with you that in its first year, more than 5,500 Alaskans made pledged more than $545,000 to Alaska nonprofits, community foundations and the university system through Pick. Click. Give., the Permanent Fund Dividend Charitable Contributions Program. Your check … [ Read More ]

PICK. CLICK. GIVE. OPTION ADDS UP TO MORE MONEY TO HELP GOOD CAUSES Most Alaskans will receive their permanent fund dividends this month. For the more than 5,100 Alaskans that opted to use the new PFD Charitable Contributions ProgramPick. Click. Give.their checks will be a little less. This difference in the amount of their checks … [ Read More ]

Our view: A slice of dividendFirst year of PFD check-off for charities off to good start Published: 10/09/09 20:05:02 The recession was in full swing when it came time to sign up for Permanent Fund dividends in January, February and March. But still about 5,100 Alaskans took the opportunity to share an average of about … [ Read More ]

ANCHORAGE, Wednesday, September 23, 2009 – The Alaska Department of Revenue has accepted 365 nonprofit organizations and all the campuses of the University of Alaska as eligible for the second PFD Charitable Contributions Program – or Pick.Click.Give. The goal of Pick.Click.Give. is to increase the number of people who give to Alaska nonprofits, as well … [ Read More ]

Organizations can file for PFD Pick, Click, Give charitable deductions Juneau Empire – May 31, 2009 JUNEAU – Every organization that was eligible for a pledged donation from the 2009 Permanent Fund Dividend Pick, Click, Give program has received at least one planned contribution from Alaskans applying for their PFDs online. The program, in its … [ Read More ]