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Tune in to hear Pick.Click.Give.ambassadors Julia Smith and Charles Bingham discussing the charitable contributions program with KCAW Raven Radio. https://www.kcaw.org/2017/12/29/volunteers-remind-us-pick-click-give-causes-matter/ Posting date: December 29, 2017 Run Time: 11:37

Tune in to hear Pick.Click.Give. program manager Sofia Fouquet discussing the charitable contributions program with KRBD’s own Leila Kheiry. Pick.Click.Give overview Posting date: December 28, 2017 Run Time: 11:54

Pick.Click.Give. Where You Live By: Joy Steward Homer News Posted12/28/2017 See original article here. I am a PCG donor, are you? I give to my favorite charities through Pick.Click.Give. because it is easy, secure and fun, and for me, a chance to support my local community. It is also a great way to instill family values … [ Read More ]

Everyone has their reason for donating through Pick.Click.Give. Why does Pick.Click.Give. matters to you? Congratulations to our winner, Shala Kerrigan! “I’m really uncomfortable on cameras and everything else but- when you’ve got all these fantastic organizations in Anchorage and Alaska who are helping out the community and all these volunteers… one of the easiest things … [ Read More ]

Pick.Click.Give. announces “Double Your Dividend” sweepstakes winners Anchorage, AK – Five lucky Alaskans who made charitable donations through Pick.Click.Give. were chosen as the winners of the 2017 “Double Your Dividend” sweepstakes. Of the more than 20,000 people who made non-anonymous pledges, five were chosen at random to win a cash prize equal to the 2017 … [ Read More ]