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Copper River Hockey Club

About Us

The mission of the Copper River Hockey Club (formally known as Kenny Lake Hockey Club and Glennallen Panther Hockey Club) is to provide a skating program and facility for all students in the Copper River Basin. Our area is one of the last hockey programs that utilizes facilities paid for and up kept by a volunteer organization. It has a long standing tradition as one of the premier small school hockey programs in the state going back to the 1960's. Last year, approximately 60 boys and girls participated in the hockey program in grades K-12 from a school population of 200 students.

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The hockey facilities in the Copper River area are currently maintained and supported by the Copper River Hockey Club (CRHC). The CRHC currently provides teams/programs for the following age groups: Mites (under 8 years), Squirts (ages 9 and 10), PeeWees (ages 11 and 12), Bantams (ages 13 and 14). We're planning a Midget team, ages 15-19,in the near future. The last three years the Kenny Lake Hockey Association combined three of our teams with Glennallen, forming the Copper River Hockey Club. The combined team traveled around the state playing at a more competitive level. In addition we form one "Bush League" team at each age level competing on a local level (within 200 miles).

All of the coaching and support personnel is volunteer. It was calculated that we utilized at least 1,700 volunteer hours last year to make hockey happen. The majority of our funding sources came from United Way of Valdez, an auction and raffle, individual contributions, and funds from the Kenny Lake Community League. The auction/raffle provides the majority of the operating funds needed to provide a yearly hockey program. This includes tournament fees, travel, ice time and some skating gear. Hockey in Kenny Lake requires a major commitment from parents, coaches and players. The season begins in November lasting through March. Most weekends we travel at least 200 miles each way to play hockey. We have more ice time than the teams we play because we usually practice 3-4 days a week for 2-3 hours at a time. Of course it can be cold (practice is cancelled at -20) but our kids don't know anything else. Our teams are usually very competitive and as the kids say in Kenny Lake, "Hockey is the only game in town."


Mailing Address

PO Box 216
Glennallen, AK 99588




(907) 259-5752

Past Contributions

2014: $1,250.00
2015: $1,500.00
2016: $925.00
2017: $725.00
2018: $650.00
2019: $375.00
2020: $550.00
Total: $5,975.00

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