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Humane Society of Kodiak

About Us

Humane Society of Kodiak (HSK) is committed to preventing animal cruelty, promoting proper animal care and reducing the number of homeless pets. The HSK manages and operates the Kodiak Animal Shelter (KAS) for the City of Kodiak. Since 1997, the KAS has been a No-Kill shelter for friendly adoptable pets. Ensuring the safety and well-being of shelter pets, promoting a strong adoption program and funding medical treatment, including spay/neuter of all shelter pets prior to adoption, is the HSKs primary responsibility. Secondarily, the Humane Society of Kodiak sponsors community pet spay/neuter programs and provides financial assistance for community pets in need.

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The Humane Society of Kodiak is a local organization dedicated to caring for pets in the Kodiak Community. Our primary objective is animal rescue, however the HSK also provides financial assistance to the elderly, disabled, low-income, and other community members that need help for their companion pets.

We receive no funding, nor are we governed by or affiliated with, the Humane Society of the United States or ASPCA, or any other national animal welfare group. Our local organization relies solely upon membership dues, fundraisers, donations, grants and the generosity of those that support our mission of caring for shelter and community pets.

Shelter Assistance. All pets housed at the Kodiak Animal Shelter receive health screens and vaccinations. If deemed necessary, they are cared for by local veterinarians; provided diagnostic tests, medications, and surgeries. When they are ready for adoption, pets are sterilized. In FY2018 (July–June), a total of 154 pets were adopted from the Kodiak Animal Shelter. A total of 99 pets adopted from our shelter were spayed or neutered prior to adoption.

Community Assistance. The HSK sponsors on-going community pet spay/neuter programs. Without financial assistance, many residents of the Kodiak Archipelago find it difficult to afford the fees associated with these surgeries. Discount coupons are issued to owners requesting assistance. Pet owners using the coupon only pay a portion of the total cost for the procedure; the HSK pays the remaining balance. The benefits are two-fold; the owner has less financial stress and there are fewer unwanted pets. In FY2018, 77 cats and dogs were sterilized under this program. In addition to funding spay/neuter programs, the HSK provides assistance to financially-challenged individuals and families that need help paying for emergency veterinary expenses, food or medicines for their companion pets.

The Humane Society of Kodiak is committed to ensuring that shelter pets are safe, healthy and adoptable, that spay/neuter programs remain on-going in the city and borough, and that financial assistance is available for companion pets, in need. Our shelter staff, board, volunteers and supporters continue to work hard to raise awareness of our mission. We appreciate both the Pick.Click.Give. program for its support and individuals like you who care about animal welfare and support the work of our organization. Thank you for your consideration.

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2409 Mill Bay Road
Kodiak, AK 99615
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P.O. Box 8783
Kodiak, AK 99615




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Past Contributions

2009: $1,175.00
2010: $2,900.00
2011: $3,400.00
2012: $8,075.00
2013: $10,530.00
2014: $7,925.00
2015: $9,700.00
2016: $7,822.00
2017: $5,475.00
2018: $6,475.00
Total: $63,477.00

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Animal Rescue