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KBRW Public Radio

About Us

KBRW's purpose is to provide a quality source of information, cultural programming and entertainment unique to the needs of the people of the North Slope, and to share with others as appropriate.

How Pick.Click.Give. makes a difference

KBRW broadcasts life-saving information:
When storms lamed transportation and knocked out electricity and cable, cutting the North Slope Borough off from the outside world in September 2001 KBRW was on the air. Using emergency generators, KBRW gave IS-minute updates on weather, road and trail accessibility, transportation between borough villages, school closings, and supplies.

KBRW serves the interests of the community:
KBR W covers local events of major import, such as hearings in the villages, and the speeches and debates of political candidates and decision-making bodies. KBRW covers local sports and entertainment: from high school basketball games to roller rink dances to weekend rummage sales, KBRW is in the Know. KBRW is how neighbors talk to neighbors: when Martha Jape loses her glasses and would appreciate it if whoever finds them returns them to her, if the vet's office has a handsome husky sled-dog up for adoption, or if Mrs. Agheak is stuck in Wainwright and would like her husband to call her at the community center, KBRW gets their messages on the air.

KBRW Promotes Native language and heritage:
KBRW's quality bi-lingual programming and coverage of Native issues promotes Native culture, values, and tradition on the North Slope.

KBRW makes culture and entertainment accessible to the North Slope Borough: KBRW's home produced programming coupled with quality NPR programming gives the people of the North Slope Borough a refuge of eclectic and superior entertainment.

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1695 Okpik Street
Barrow, AK 99723
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PO Box 109
Barrow, AK 99723




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Past Contributions

2011: $775.00
2015: $1,725.00
2016: $1,625.00
2017: $2,050.00
2018: $1,675.00
Total: $7,850.00

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