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About Us

The Mission of KCHU is to make public radio available to everyone in the Prince William Sound and Copper River regions through the most appropriate technology. To that end, KCHU provides news stories from all our communities, a regional call-in show and statewide information from the Alaska Public Radio Network. National and international news is available from networks like National Public Radio. KCHU also supports local non-profit organizations with announcements several times a day. Public Service Announcements provide information about services and events. Another important service is the broadcasting of messages for remote listeners who do not have phones or other methods of communication; being the only radio station in some areas KCHU tries to offer a wide variety of entertainment, including diverse music options, humor, and talk shows.

How Pick.Click.Give. makes a difference

The Prince William Sound and Copper River Basin region covered by KCHU (Terminal Radio, Inc.) is a 10,000 square mile paradise, as diverse in geography as it is diverse in the people who choose to live in it.
The KCHU signal can be heard by fishermen in the Sound and hikers in the Wrangell mountains, all of whom are looking for a community radio station that speaks to them as individuals, lets them know what to expect from Mother Nature, and connects them—just enough—to the world outside.
In order to serve such a diverse and active community, our small but dedicated staff has worked hard to ensure a clear signal across challenging terrain. We’ve opened up opportunities for the people we serve to volunteer on committees and on-air so that many voices are heard. We offer those who choose to live far from the beaten path a way to interact with the wider KCHU community.
Offering such a wide range of services and ensuring we use the most appropriate technology to reach each person we serve naturally requires significant investments. This is where a program such as Pick-Click-Give can offer the necessary boost. Donations through this program will help us connect our communities and bring their voices to each other. This program offers no less than the gift of communication.

Main Address

148 Pioneer Dr
Valdez, AK 99686
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PO Box 467
Valdez, AK 99686




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(907) 835-4665

Past Contributions

2009: $300.00
2010: $1,225.00
2011: $800.00
2012: $1,900.00
2013: $2,750.00
2014: $2,925.00
2015: $2,600.00
2016: $3,300.00
2017: $3,175.00
2018: $2,675.00
2019: $2,075.00
2020: $2,550.00
Total: $26,275.00

Cause Types

Aid and Services to Individuals in Emergency Situations
Aid and Services to the Elderly
Arts & Culture
Arts & Culture