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Krazy Kats Cat Rescue Inc

About Us

The mission of Krazy Kats Cat Rescue, Inc is to reduce the number of homeless, abused, and abandoned cats and improve their quality of life by providing quality care for life to unwanted abused cats and educating the public in proper animal care with emphasis on the importance of spaying and neutering. Helping place adoptable Kittens & Cats into permanent loving homes.

In addition, we are dedicated to helping in disaster relief within our community and surrounding areas. We do this by:

Decreasing the number of homeless animals by educating the public on the importance of sterilization of their pets through classes, newsletters, and handouts at fundraisers and special events and referring them to the veterinary clinic.
Providing shelter, medical aide, vetting and everyday care to unwanted, abused cats that otherwise would end up in a kill shelter until a permanent loving homes can be found.

Providing assistance to local cat rescues by sharing information to the public about their facilities and programs and offering any assistance we can.

Providing assistance in adopting out animals unable to be taken in by us by:
• Connecting potential adopters with individuals in need of finding homes for their pets or stray animals
• Posting online to other rescues and potential adopters on the internet
• Posting in our monthly newsletters

To assist in animal rescue and disaster relief. Krazy Kat Cat Rescue defines Disaster relief as any situation that would put cats in jeopardy of harm or abandonment whether man-made event or Natural Disaster. Krazy Kat Rescue does this by:
• Taking classes to educate ourselves and others in animal rescue and disaster relief Volunteering our time, and equipment in the event of a disaster
• Acquiring necessary equipment for emergency care and disaster relief through public donations and grants.

We embrace The Declaration of the No Kill Movement in the United States, and we envision the day when there are no more homeless pets and when every newborn companion animal can be guaranteed a safe and loving life.

Krazy Kats Cat Rescue, Inc shall always be open to the general public and does not discriminate against any person or group of persons.

How Pick.Click.Give. makes a difference

Alaska Krazy Kats is devoted to helping kitty's in need( Given we can house them ) from Pregnant Felines, Orphaned Newborn Babies to Senior cats .We give Guardianship! We provide general and needed Vet care until Adopted to Great Homes. Any litters of kittens surrendered, AK Krazy Kats then will assist in Spaying and Vaccinating and Miro-chip of the mom cat. Any kitty's 5 months or older are Vaccinated,Miro-chipped and Altered before Adoption ( NO EXCEPTIONS! )

Main Address

3307 Boniface Pkwy #176
Anchorage, AK 99504
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(907) 720-4266

Past Contributions

2018: $1,750.00
2019: $2,300.00
2020: $1,792.00
2021: $2,700.00
Total: $8,542.00

Cause Types

Animal Rescue