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Mat Su Trails Council Inc

About Us

The Mat-Su Trails Council’s mission is to promote increased knowledge and understanding of trails in the Matanuska-Susitna Borough, to encourage proper practices and policies in the establishment, maintenance and use of trails for the benefit of the general public, and to assist in the construction and maintenance of these trails. The Mat-Su Trails Council has been actively involved in trail work in this area since 1991 and is the only multi-modal trails organization in the Mat-Su Borough

How Pick.Click.Give. makes a difference

Funds received through Pick.Click.Give are greatly appreciated and will be used to continue our mission:

• To promote increased knowledge and understanding of trails and to encourage the establishment, maintenance, and use of trails for the benefit of the general public.

• To sponsor forums, conferences and other activities for collecting, exchanging, and disseminating information relating to trails.

• To assist public officials and agencies responsible for trails in trail planning, construction and maintenance, and by acting on behalf of trail users in the formulation of plans, programs and policies relating to the development and use of trails.

• To sponsor trails established under federal, state, and local government plans, programs and policies, or through the activities of non-profit organizations.

• To receive monies, equipment, or labor from any source, private, city, borough, state, federal, or to purchase or lease equipment, to assist in the survey, recording, construction and maintenance of area trails.

• To support, join or participate in local, state or regional trail councils or similar organizations.

The Mat-Su Trails Council has worked on several major projects in the last fifteen years: Purinton Creek Trail Swamp Crossing, McRoberts Creek Bridge Construction, Plumley-Maud OHV Trail reconstruction, Bumpus Ball Field recreation trails-design and construction, Iron Dog Snowmobile race trail reroute to avoid private property conflicts, Segelhorst Aquatic Trail at Finger Lake Elementary- design, construction and dock construction, Matanuska-Susitna Borough Trail Marking Project-mapping and marking of ATV/snowmobile Trails, Sutton area trails brushing and Archangel Road Trail brushing. We could not have done this work without the help of volunteers and supporters! These trail improvements benefit users of all modes (hikers, bicyclers, skiers, skijorers, dog sledders, horseback riders, ATV and OHV users, snowmobilers, etc.) in their safety & enjoyment of our borough trails.

Trail project plans for 2017 include maintenance to the Segelhorst Aquatic Trail and dock at Finger Lake Elementary, and brushing of various trails in the borough.

Mailing Address

PO Box 2356
Palmer, AK 99645




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Past Contributions

2012: $650.00
2013: $825.00
2014: $875.00
2015: $1,150.00
2016: $1,200.00
2017: $1,250.00
2018: $1,050.00
2019: $2,250.00
2020: $450.00
Total: $9,700.00

Cause Types

Recreational Facilities