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Mojos Hope

About Us

Mission Statement:
To provide a safe, healthy & compassionate environment along with humane and quality caretaking for animals with special needs.

A community-supported effort where the commitment to companion animals with special needs is met.

Pet Loss and Bereavement Counseling

How Pick.Click.Give. makes a difference

Over many years of working with animals, we have come across so many with needs that others could not fulfill. We have had many opportunities to work with these animals, build their confidence & show them the beauty they have inside. Knowing the positive difference we make in the lives of many continues to inspurrire us! When one hears "special needs," it is not defined by one aspect. Special-needs touch all facets of life, behavioral, emotional, physical & medical. Some have behavior issues that we rehabilitate to help them gain their confidence and security with people again. Others have physical handicaps who have a can-do cattitude & others who have medical conditions that impact their daily life. The others are at the end of life stage & require a loving, gentle, & caring environment where they can thrive until it is time for them to leave us.

We offer pet loss counseling as a certified counselor through our Pawspice program. As an animal advocacy organization & rescue group for animals with special needs, we want to be able to offer support for people who go through this difficult process, before, during, & afterward. We are offering this support in whatever capacity needed. Our goal is to offer guidance through these steps by offering compassionate, empathetic, & individualized support.

Our founder is also an Associate Certified Cat Behavior Consultant through the organization IAABC. Our goal with this certification is to continue to be a local resource for various cat behaviors. We have worked with a variety of behaviors over the past 20 years. We also offer support for transitions into the home (before and after adoption from the local shelter or rescue group), support for adopters before & after adoption, lost cats & more. We created user-friendly brochures on our website for our local community along with educational videos, and online discussions about all things cat!

We have an End of Life program, called Pawspice & our PURRever foster program. This is for the animals who may not connect with an adoptive home, therefore they are long term fosters due to medical or behavioral needs or just need an end of life home setting that will be filled with love, care & comfort.

Each animal that we work with receives the best care possible through our partnership with our fab vet clinic VCA Alaska Pet Care & TLC possible. We continue to eduCATe ourselves about the animals we care for so that we can provide them with the best care possible.


Main Address

2424 Ingra Street
Anchorage, AK 99508
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2440 E Tudor Rd PMB 896
Anchorage, AK 99507




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(907) 230-6394

Past Contributions

2016: $3,675.00
2017: $2,625.00
2018: $2,025.00
2019: $3,375.00
2020: $2,600.00
2021: $4,025.00
2022: $3,400.00
Total: $21,725.00

Cause Types

Animal Rescue