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Pacific Northern Academy

About Us

Pacific Northern Academy is an independent private school in Anchorage, Alaska that teaches pre-School (Age 3) through Eighth grade. We balance a dynamic academic environment with developmentally appropriate activities and expectations. With a balanced vision of academic excellence, cultural wealth in the arts, and scientific achievement Our Mission Statement: "We educate students to be exceptional learners and independent thinkers of vision, courage, and integrity."

How Pick.Click.Give. makes a difference

Funds raised through Pick. Click. Give are used to forward the mission of the school by supporting our many programs. Beyond basic skills in reading and math, young people today need to acquire 21st-century skills and competencies. At PNA, the “4C’s” - communication, collaboration, critical thinking and creativity are at the core of our educational philosophy. The curriculum at PNA encourages independent thinking and a global perspective - a real connection is made between school life and the global environment. Students at PNA are asked to think critically about the scope, magnitude and complexity of the world today and are taught to find creative and innovative ways to meet these modern-day challenges.

PNA has a strong, enthusiastic, creative and purposeful faculty that brings the PNA mission and program to life, and they have the freedom to individualize curriculum to student needs. PNA’s class size caps at eighteen students, allowing teachers to provide individualized instruction where students are challenged based on their individual academic ability. With a smaller class “family” and with interpersonal communication skills heightened, discipline issues at PNA are very rare. PNA provides a safe and emotionally supported setting that is responsive to each child, as well as ample opportunity to develop friendships with intellectual peers. Our parents are tremendously involved in their children’s education, as well as in the life of the school community. The atmosphere at PNA is one of caring, where our actions and relationships matter.

The students who enroll at PNA are capable, motivated and enthusiastic learners that are happy at school. Diversity in all aspects is an important part of our school culture and it is important to us that PNA is a choice for any student who meets admission requirements, regardless of economic position. We actively raise funds each year to provide financial aid to these students. The love of learning leads to higher achievement and an enhanced sense of accomplishment and self-confidence. Research reveals that students' readiness for college improves when they acquire and demonstrate behaviors associated with academic achievement and motivation early on in their academic career.

Main Address

2511 Sentry Drive STE 100
Anchorage, AK 99507
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(907) 333-1080

Past Contributions

2009: $25.00
2013: $800.00
2015: $2,450.00
2016: $925.00
2017: $800.00
2018: $300.00
2019: $725.00
2020: $600.00
Total: $6,625.00

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