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United Way of the Tanana Valley

About Us

Serving the Interior since 1956, our goal is to create generational change. We look at all the tough issues and we find the common threads—then we rally support with the right partners to create meaningful change for adults in our community, the children in their care, and future generations to come.

How Pick.Click.Give. makes a difference

We ask you to choose us if you want to make one donation that will better the entire community. Through our partner agencies, we support literacy, after-school support, feeding the hungry, preventing, and cleaning up after disasters and so much more. Furthermore, as a standalone organization, United Way provides a substance abuse grant to other organizations and runs a volunteer management site that helps to match volunteer interests with organizations that can use their skill sets. For all of these reasons and so much more, a donation to United Way of the Tanana Valley is a donation to the betterment of Fairbanks as a whole.

Funds raised through Pick.Click.Give. are allocated to all 18 partner agencies through a volunteer-led rigorous agency review process that ensures that the agencies are making the most of the money donated.

Partner agencies are: ACCA; Alaska Health Fair; American Red Cross of Alaska - Tanana Valley; Big Brothers Big Sisters of Alaska; Boys & Girls Clubs of Southcentral Alaska - Tanana Valley; Fairbanks Senior Center; Fairbanks Children's Museum; Fairbanks Resource Agency; Interior Alaska Center for Non-Violent Living; Literacy Council of Alaska; Midnight Sun Boy Scout Council, Boy Scouts of America; Presbyterian Hospitality House; Resource Center for Parents & Children; The Salvation Army; ThrivAlaska.

Substance Abuse Initiative funds support projects and programs that offer preventative solutions to drug and alcohol abuse in our community.

Racial Equity Impact to support projects with a focus on creating a more equitable community.

Designated funds are donor dollars specified for a specific United Way member agency or any 501(c)(3) non-profit organization in Alaska.

Main Address

200 Cushman
Fairbanks, AK 99701
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PO Box 74396
Fairbanks, AK 99707




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(907) 452-7211

Past Contributions

2010: $2,600.00
2011: $4,000.00
2012: $4,950.00
2013: $5,975.00
2014: $6,225.00
2015: $5,450.00
2016: $4,000.00
2017: $4,600.00
2018: $2,225.00
2019: $3,000.00
2020: $4,417.00
2021: $2,650.00
2022: $3,450.00
Total: $53,542.00

Cause Types

Youth & Education
Youth Development
Aid and Services to the Low Income