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Southeast Alaska Conservation Council

About Us

To protect the special places of the worlds largest temperate rain forest, promote conservation, and advocate for sustainability in human use of natural resources. Inspired by the land, wildlife, cultures, and communities of Southeast Alaska, SEACC strives to ensure this interconnected whole exists for future generations.

How Pick.Click.Give. makes a difference

The Pick.Click.Give program raises awareness about SEACC by reaching out to all Alaska residents across political, geographic, and socio-economic demographics. Pick.Click.Give allows Alaskans a unique opportunity to make a donation from their Permanent Fund Dividends to express their support of Alaskas fish and wildlife habitat. Unlike most of the grants we receive, Pick.Click.Give funds do not have to be used for specific program purposes. Pick.Click.Give donations help SEACC "keep the lights on" by paying for operational necessities like utilities and equipment. We can also leverage these general funds as matching funds for grants when needed, and to support our fundraising efforts for other essential functions.

Mailing Address

2207 Jordan Ave
Juneau, AK 99801




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(907) 586-6942

Past Contributions

2010: $2,375.00
2012: $4,653.00
2013: $4,775.00
2014: $4,250.00
2015: $6,400.00
2016: $3,175.00
2017: $3,750.00
2018: $3,875.00
2019: $6,456.00
2020: $5,650.00
2021: $5,525.00
2022: $6,225.00
Total: $57,109.00

Cause Types

Arts & Culture
Arts & Culture
Recreational Facilities