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Theresa Lyons, the CEO of YWCA Alaska, joins the show to discuss the what they do at YWCA Alaska, how they empower women, the importance of social justice, what they are doing to help educate and inform during the Black Lives Matter protests, the power of community, connecting with Alaska’s youth, and more. You can … [ Read More ]

Lainie Dreas, the Executive Director of Alaska Junior Theater, joins the show to discuss the origins of Alaska Junior Theater, what they do and how they do it, who they serve, respecting young audiences, the programming they look for, how the pandemic has affected them, the impact of donations, how else people can help, her … [ Read More ]

Barbara Hood, the Interim Executive Director and Board Member of 49 Writers, joins the show to discuss what 49 Writers does, how writing helps the state of Alaska, the types of writing they support, how the pandemic affected them, ten years of 49 Writers, highlights from that period, the plan for their writers retreat, the … [ Read More ]

Ali Lee, the Executive Director of Denali Arts Council, joins the show to discuss the origins of Denali Arts Council, the importance of the arts to small communities, what they do, representing arts in diverse ways, goals for the future, the importance of community to what they do, how the pandemic affects them, the impact … [ Read More ]

Natalie Dawson, the Vice President and Executive Director of Audubon Alaska, joins the show to discuss Audubon Alaska’s efforts, its varying conservation efforts around the state, the organization’s importance, how the pandemic has affected them, how people can help, and a whole lot more. You can download this episode directly here. Subscribe to the podcast on Apple Podcasts, and make … [ Read More ]