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Alaska Huts Association

About Us

"Wilderness stewardship through personal experience and education."

Our mission is to include Alaska’s back country in a worldwide tradition of places in which hikers and skiers can travel hut to hut, and provide warm comfortable huts in inspiring settings to foster camaraderie and promote wilderness education and stewardship.

How Pick.Click.Give. makes a difference

Thank you for considering Alaska Huts for your Pick.Click.Give donation. We know you have many worthy nonprofit organizations in Alaska to choose from.

Alaska Huts is a small organization, working to expand backcountry access in Southcentral Alaska. We currently operate one hut, Manitoba Cabin & Yurts, located at Milepost 48 on the Seward Highway. Located a short 3/4 mile walk or ski from the road, Manitoba makes it possible for more people of all ages to experience overnights and venture into the backcountry year round, broadening the group of stewards of public and wild lands.

Your donation through Pick.Click.Give. will allow us to provide that opportunity to people who would not otherwise be able to afford it. Thanks to donations we are able to work with area nonprofits and school groups to offer them the facility at low or no cost. Your generosity creates a positive first outdoor experience for kids growing up in Alaska that don't have a way to access the mountains.

Pick.Click.Give. donations are also critical as we work to expand our offerings. We are currently partnering with the Forest Service on a proposed three hut-system along the Whistle Stop section of the Alaska Railroad, near Spencer Glacier and Grandview. This would increase the accessibility in an area featuring classic Alaskan wilderness, while also allowing us to continue to expand our educational programming. This project is still in the planning stages, and your support will keep momentum going and help create a hut-to-hut hiking experience right here in Alaska.

Learn more about all of our programs at alaskahuts.org.

Mailing Address

PO Box 241754
Anchorage, AK 99524




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(907) 306-3908

Past Contributions

2009: $1,125.00
2011: $2,000.00
2012: $3,253.00
2013: $3,925.00
2014: $5,000.00
2015: $5,175.00
2016: $4,800.00
2017: $4,425.00
Total: $29,703.00

Cause Types

Youth & Education
Youth Development
Recreational Facilities

Additional Locations in other Cities, Towns or Villages

Moose Pass
Manitoba Cabin, MP 48 Seward Highway
Moose Pass, AK 99631