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Alaska Network on Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault

About Us

Our Vision
We all live free from domestic and sexual violence.

The specific and primary purposes are:

1) To provide training, technical assistance, legislative and legal advocacy, pro bono attorney connections and resource materials to victim services agencies and other stakeholders;

2) To provide coordination, planning, training, and technical assistance to those who are working to create and implement domestic violence and sexual assault prevention strategies and activities;

3) To provide communication and linkage among programs and organizations whose primary focus is the prevention and intervention of domestic and sexual assault;

4) To expose the roots of domestic violence and sexual assault in the institutionalized discrimination against women, children and those who are viewed as having less power;

5) To assure that voices, experiences and expressed views of survivors of sexual and physical violence are a guiding force and

6) To identify, challenge and change issues of gender, race and related oppression that contribute to violence.

How Pick.Click.Give. makes a difference

With your support, ANDVSA can continue to build a network of support for victims and service providers in Alaska to work collectively to end violence in Alaska. ANDVSAs primary activities center around four programs: Legal, Prevention, Training and Policy.

The Legal Program provides essential legal services to victims of domestic and sexual violence. During fiscal year 2018, the Legal Program staff and volunteer attorneys provided representation in 222 cases. 100% of clients served said they felt safer due to representation from an attorney. One legal client said, "Thank you so much for finding me an attorney to help with my protection order. I NEVER would have gone forward in this case without an attorney. I cant thank you enough!"

Donations to ANDVSA also support violence prevention activities with youth, educators, community partners, and tribal organizations. These programs include the annual youth leadership conference, Lead On! for Peace and Equality. The Lead On conference is a powerful kick-off event to nine months of teens creating positive community change. In 2017, 13 communities were funded to complete youth-led projects after LeadOn, affecting over 4000 people statewide.

The Training Project helps ensure that law enforcement, advocates, medical professionals and other community members have access to relevant trainings and resources on issues relating to domestic and sexual violence. In fiscal year 2018, 235 people received training on the intersections of trauma and substance use through both online and in-person trainings. One trainee attendee shared, "We learned that there is more that we can do to serve our clients/survivors and community members. I would love to share the knowledge that I gained with my fellow coworkers, other agencies, and our community."

Lastly, ANDVSA consistently works to influence and inform state policy and legislation in ways that benefit victims and their families and communities and hold perpetrators accountable for their actions. During the 2018 Alaska Legislative session, ANDVSA supported bills that addressed the backlog of untested sexual assault kits, allowed for the termination of parental rights when a child is conceived from sexual assault, and supported funding of victims services programs through the unpaid PFDs of incarcerated individuals.

Thank you for your support of ANDVSA through Pick.Click.Give. We believe that together, we can end violence in Alaska.

Main Address

130 Seward Street Suite 214
Juneau, AK 99801
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(907) 586-3650

Past Contributions

2009: $3,000.00
2010: $1,900.00
2011: $3,075.00
2012: $3,175.00
2013: $3,416.00
2014: $4,975.00
2015: $6,800.00
2016: $7,775.00
2017: $6,075.00
2018: $5,075.00
2019: $5,532.00
Total: $50,798.00

Cause Types

Youth & Education
Child Abuse and Neglect
Aid and Services to Victims of Crime
Aid and Services to the Low Income

Additional Locations in other Cities, Towns or Villages

431 West 7th Ave
Anchorage, AK 99501