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Assets Inc

About Us

Our mission is to consistently improve the employment opportunities, home environments, and community connections of individuals with developmental disabilities and/or mental illnesses who need substantial supports, so that their independence and self-worth are enhanced and the community in which they live and work realizes the benefits of their citizenship.

How Pick.Click.Give. makes a difference

Assets, Inc. has historically been able to self fund unique needs of our clients that typical funding sources would not. Assets has earned its money though commercial contracts and fee for service. As the economy has weakened many of our customers are forced to cut expenses severely affecting our ability to provide jobs to persons with disabilities and retain some earnings to apply to client needs. Now more than ever Assets needs the support of the community to help us fund the unique and sometimes serious needs of persons we serve when Government funding sources cannot or will not fill a need.

No pick , click and Give donations are used to pay for services provided by Assets but rather truly 100 percent of the donations are reserved for clients' needs such as these:

Upholding Tradition
34 year old Billy was removed from his village 10 years ago and has not had the ability to return to see family and friends or participate in any of his traditional subsistence activities.

With the monies from Pick.Click.Give., we were able to send Billy and his escort home to see his loved ones and participate in his first hunt in over a decade.

A Life Saved
27 year old Sally came to Assets without any resources or medical coverage. Sally was experiencing several health issues related to anorexia.

With the monies from Pick.Click.Give., we were able to purchase life saving nutritional supplements until medical coverage became effective.

A Warm Welcome
58 year old George is the last of his name in Alaska. All of his family lives in southern part of the United States. For the past 20 years George has only been able to communicate with his family through letters and phone calls.

With the monies from Pick.Click.Give., George and his travel companion were welcomed guests in his family's home to celebrate the holidays.

Main Address

2330 Nichols Street
Anchorage, AK 99508
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(907) 279-6617

Past Contributions

2011: $725.00
2012: $425.00
2013: $1,450.00
2014: $825.00
2015: $1,850.00
2016: $1,350.00
2017: $1,075.00
2018: $1,425.00
2019: $1,275.00
2020: $1,425.00
2021: $1,525.00
2022: $1,175.00
Total: $14,525.00

Cause Types

Aid and Services to the Disabled