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Community Connections

About Us

Community Connections is a unique non-profit, human service organization. Our services cover the life span of individuals and are designed to assist with developing independence, learning new skills and living in the community of one's choice. We provide early intervention for children ages birth to three, comprehensive mental health to children and their families, services for individuals with developmental disabilities, and services for elders and adults with physical disabilities.

We have just completed over 35 years of service, and currently serve roughly 600 people annually in Ketchikan, Metlakatla, and on Prince of Wales Island. We have over 200 employees who help serve our clients. Our services are grouped into three programs, Early Learning, Children's Mental Health, and Senior & Disability Services. All three vibrant programs operate under the shared belief of community-based principles and core values. This shared belief holds us together and helps us stay focused on the founding principles.

How Pick.Click.Give. makes a difference

Your donations will be put to work right away, helping to support elders, children, and individuals with disabilities. Here are a few examples of the important work that you make possible when you Pick.Click.Give. to Community Connections:

Michael was referred to the Community Connections Developmental Disabilities program about five years ago. He was able to receive supported employment services through the Community Connections program. Now, he is a paid employee at the local grocery store, Safeway, where he works as a courtesy clerk. “He's doing really great. We're proud of that guy,” said Lance Haynes, Employment Services Manager at Community Connections. “Michael's living on his own, he cooks his own food. The personal growth has been tremendous.” Michael lives in his own apartment with his cat Han Solo.

Caleb is a very hands-on person, he likes to go fishing, play baseball, and be outdoors. But he had some very challenging, out of control behaviors that his parents were getting overwhelmed with. They worked with Community Connections to develop goals and figure out strategies to help work with Caleb. Now, he is more able to participate in the community because he is better behaved and his parents don't have to worry about disrupting other people. “The most valuable lesson is to realize that your kids are people too. They have their own wants and desires. I am continuing to grow and learn right along with my children,” says one of his parents.

Heidi had multiple sclerosis and needed a lot of care, but wanted to stay in her own home with her mom and daughter. Community Connections was able to assist Heidi and her family in living in their own home. “Community Connections did more than improve the quality of life for us – They enabled us to have quality in our lives,” says Anne, Heidi's mom. “We soon realized that our family is not lost – just changed. We have a new home and family structure that is precious and provides love instead of loneliness, joy instead of grief, and support instead of helplessness.”

Your support helps to fill in the gaps in services, and meet needs that otherwise would go unmet. To make a donation anytime and to learn more, please visit our website ComConnections.org.

Main Address

721 Stedman Street
Ketchikan, AK 99901
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(907) 225-7825

Past Contributions

2009: $5,100.00
2010: $825.00
2012: $1,100.00
2013: $1,175.00
2014: $1,600.00
2015: $1,825.00
2016: $1,100.00
2018: $525.00
2019: $1,175.00
2020: $1,125.00
2021: $1,850.00
2022: $1,000.00
Total: $18,400.00

Cause Types

Youth & Education
Youth Development
Aid and Services to Individuals with Mental Illness
Aid and Services to the Disabled

Additional Locations in other Cities, Towns or Villages

1800 Craig-Klawock Hwy #241
Craig, AK 99921