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Healing Hand Foundation

About Us

Our mission is to provide a "healing hand" to Alaskan Natives and veterans. The Healing Hand Foundation covers a portion of the costs of certain durable medical goods, some pharmaceuticals and elder escort travel. Dentures, hearing aids, orthodontics and eyeglasses are a few examples of the types of durable medical goods we help fund. We are here to lend a hand to those who are without adequate resources.

How Pick.Click.Give. makes a difference

Pick.Click.Give. makes a difference by assisting with community outreach and through their efforts we are able to educate more people about the Healing Hand Foundation-- what we do, how we can help and how others can give to support their family and friends in the 18 Southeast Alaska communities that we serve.

Mailing Address

3100 Channel Drive Suite 300
Juneau, AK 99801




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(907) 364-4402

Past Contributions

2009: $375.00
2011: $600.00
2012: $825.00
2017: $850.00
2019: $525.00
Total: $3,175.00

Cause Types

Aid and Services to the Elderly
Aid and Services to the Low Income
Health and Dental Care