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Wrangell Institute for Science and Environment

About Us

WISE's mission is to provide science and environmental education to all age groups, to foster and make readily available resources for learning, to support and participate in scientific research, and to share the natural wonders of the Copper River Basin.

WISE will lead the way in expanding awareness and knowledge of scientific and environmental topics in the Copper River Basin, and through education and exposure to its wonders will cultivate sound stewardship and environmental awareness in the citizens and leaders of the present and future.

Provide a Sense of Place
Cultivate observation skills, understanding, and sensitivity to our biotic and climatic environment. Nurture connections with place both personally and emotionally; and build understanding for how place is influenced by humans.

Develop Interconnections
Develop an understanding of how things are interconnected within an environment, how ecosystems function, and the cause and effect of human actions on natural systems.

Instill Stewardship
Identify ways people can make a difference in caring for our Earth; take a personal responsibility to sustain our natural and human communities; and inspire stewardship.

How Pick.Click.Give. makes a difference

Nature brings out the best in us; excited smiles, wonder and awe, curiosity, and adventure. This is what WISE is all about! Our science and environment programs are designed to make learning a fun, hands-on experience for the whole family and donations made through Pick.Click.Give. help make this possible.
WISE offers outdoor education programs, summer camps, hikes, In-Class science lessons, and a Science Lecture Series that provides the public with information on new research relevant to the Copper River Basin.

Main Address

Mile 5 Old Edgerton Highway
Copper Center, AK 99573
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HC60 Box 338A
Copper Center, AK 99573




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(907) 822-3575

Past Contributions

2009: $525.00
2010: $1,200.00
2011: $2,200.00
2012: $2,650.00
2013: $2,225.00
2014: $3,300.00
2015: $4,000.00
2016: $1,775.00
2017: $2,375.00
2018: $2,625.00
2019: $2,975.00
2020: $3,100.00
2021: $4,125.00
2022: $4,350.00
Total: $37,425.00

Cause Types

Youth & Education
Youth Development