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Alaska Literacy Program Inc

About Us

The mission of the Alaska Literacy Program is to change lives through literacy. Since 1974, ALP has been providing literacy services to Anchorage residents and individuals throughout the state. ALP recruits, trains, certifies, and supports volunteer teachers who work in a classroom setting teaching reading, writing and speaking English to adults. ALP supports eight classrooms and one computer lab on site at 1345 Rudakof Circle #104. ALP provides year-round programs for adults and families with young children, concentrating on those most in need: beginning learners in reading and English. ALP changes lives and enriches our community by teaching adults literacy skills to increase their self-sufficiency.

ALP's Peer Leader Navigator initiative provides information on access to health care, mental health care and disaster preparedness for Anchorage community members. During the Covid-19 Pandemic, Peer Leader Navigators (PLNs) have taken on many new roles and now help people with many different things, including food access, rent assistance, education questions, signing up for public assistance, and much more.

It is the philosophy of Alaska Literacy Program that adults have the right to be free from the burden of illiteracy - free to function as independent, productive citizens. ALP is an accredited member of ProLiteracy, the largest volunteer literacy organization in the world.

How Pick.Click.Give. makes a difference

A 1 percent increase in average literacy rates yields as 1.5 percent increase in Gross Domestic Product. Your contribution helps increase our community's economic health.

The estimated increase in health care costs in the U.S. due to low literacy skills is $230 billion each year. Low literacy levels make it difficult to read prescription labels, and to understand basic health risks, threats, and preventions. Your contribution keeps more Alaskans healthy.

By 2018, only 10 percent of jobs will be open to those who fail to complete high school. Only 28 percent will be open to those with only a high school diploma. And 61 percent of American employers today say it is difficult to find qualified workers to fill vacancies. Your contribution ensures Alaskan employers can put skilled adults to work.

A mother’s level of reading skills is the greatest determinant of her child’s academic success. Your contribution ensures girls and women gain the education they need to raise health and happy families.

Main Address

1345 Rudakof Cir Suite #104
Anchorage, AK 99508
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(907) 743-0201

Past Contributions

2009: $900.00
2010: $2,600.00
2011: $3,650.00
2012: $4,203.00
2013: $5,525.00
2014: $6,125.00
2015: $7,000.00
2017: $5,800.00
2018: $5,225.00
2019: $6,525.00
2020: $5,900.00
2021: $6,939.00
2022: $8,025.00
Total: $68,417.00

Cause Types

Youth & Education
Workforce Development
Aid and Services to the Low Income
Food Assistance