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Alaskan Aviation Safety Foundation

About Us

Aviation is the backbone of Alaska. There are more aircraft and pilots per capita than any other state in the union. Alaska has historically suffered unacceptable high rates of aviation accidents and deaths. No Alaskan is immune from the toll. All Alaskans are dependent on aviation to meet their needs for travel and transport of the necessities of life. The Alaskan Aviation Safety Foundation is a membership driven organization. We have one goal for our members, and that is to promote aviation safety, prevent accidents and stop aviation fatalities. Part of that goal is to deliver education and information to you, our members, in return for your membership dollars and donations.

How Pick.Click.Give. makes a difference

AASF is a volunteer organization. Through memberships and donations, we are able to provide a number of aviation safety related services at no charge to the aviation public. Individual Membership is only $35 a year. Corporate Sponsorship is $110 a year. The AASF provides seasoned professionals to conduct safety programs around Alaska. AASF has been able to advocate for aviation issues that affect both general aviation and corporate aviation interests. We have sponsored Fall Safety Seminars and Spring Seaplane Seminars. We sit at the table of many meetings where aviation issues are discussed and debated, all done with volunteers. We provide scholarships to aviation students each year to help them achieve their dreams of an aviation career. With additional generous contributions, AASF would be able to provide more education and training programs and additional scholarships. We publish the “Position Report” newsletter which outlines upcoming aviation events and safety related topics. For example, the Spring 2022 newsletter contains an in-depth study of the variables affecting success of the “turn back” maneuver. The monthly AASF “Safety Spot” distributed to all Members drills into selected accidents and incidents from a “lessons learned” safety education and accident prevention focus. During the pandemic we continued with producing events such as an online seminar on “Live ATC” and a Special Edition “Hangar Flying” awareness video on changes to Mountain Pass charting, followed by supporting and moderating Safety Seminars at the Great Alaska Aviation Gathering in Palmer in 2022. We also provided detailed input to the FAA on improving the Supplement Alaska. Our popular “Hangar Flying” TV show, while currently not in regular production, has previous shows available online at YouTube and on our website: www.aasfonline.org. Featured are aviation experts and interesting speakers discussing their roles in aviation safety, including the FAA and NTSB Administrators, notable Bush Pilot Legends and respected mechanics, pilots, and company leaders. If we help save one life or prevent one aircraft mishap, then our continuing efforts are worthwhile. These efforts are only possible through your membership and donations.

Main Address

2811 Merrill Field Drive
Anchorage, AK 99501
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(907) 243-7237

Past Contributions

2013: $1,575.00
2014: $1,200.00
2015: $1,725.00
2016: $1,672.00
2017: $800.00
2018: $900.00
2019: $1,625.00
2020: $1,275.00
2021: $875.00
2022: $100.00
Total: $11,747.00

Cause Types

Youth & Education
Primary, Vocational, or Secondary Education
Workforce Development