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Catholic Social Services Brother Francis Shelter Clare House

About Us

Compassionately serve the poor and those in need, strengthen individuals and families and advocate for social justice. Catholic Social Services serves, engages and employs people of all faiths.

Catholic Social Services operates 7 multi-faceted programs including: Brother Francis Shelter, Clare House, Homeless Family Services, Pregnancy Support & Adoption Services, Refugee Assistance & Immigration Services Special Needs Services St. Francis House Food Pantry.

How Pick.Click.Give. makes a difference

Your generosity through Pick.Click.Give. makes it possible for Catholic Social Services to ensure that Brother Francis Shelter and Clare House serve homeless individuals in Alaska. It ensures St. Francis House Food Pantry will have food on its shelves for those who are hungry. Also, PCG provides financial security across all of Catholic Social Services programs, enabling us to continue to serve those in need. With your support, we are able to help those who find themselves in vulnerable situations struggling to find hope in times of economic hardship and crisis.

Brother Francis Shelter provides a warm bed, hot meal, shower and counseling to homeless men and women every night in Anchorage. Each person is offered case management services, referrals for employment and permanent housing, and treatment options for alcohol and substance abuse. Your donation helps end homelessness.

Clare House provides safe refuge to hundreds of homeless women with children in Anchorage. Women with young children are the fastest growing homeless segment in our nation. Residents receive daily meals, referrals for child care, mental health counseling and employment. Services offered at Clare House are designed to lead a family out of despair and instill hope for a path to self-sufficiency.

Homeless Family Services assists Alaskans facing homelessness with emergency housing and referrals to resources necessary to secure a permanent home.

Family Disability Services supports families and individuals with respite services and skills-training for people who experience developmental disabilities.

Pregnancy Support & Adoption Services offers birth-options counseling, advocacy, support and referrals for pregnant women, birth-parents and adoptive parents.

Refugee Assistance & Immigration Services provides a bridge for refugees who fled their countries due to the tragedies of war and persecution. The primary goal of the program is to promote employment and self-sufficiency.

St Francis House Food Pantry distributes one ton of emergency food to hungry Anchorage families each day we're open. Families and individuals report that by receiving this food, it frees up funds to pay other critical bills.

Every program of Catholic Social Services works together to create permanent stability for families and individuals in Anchorage.

Mailing Address

3710 E 20th Avenue
Anchorage, AK 99508




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Past Contributions

2009: $13,875.00
2010: $16,800.00
2011: $31,425.00
2012: $43,939.00
2013: $51,069.00
2014: $75,325.00
2015: $87,900.00
2016: $74,151.00
2017: $62,600.00
2018: $54,075.00
2019: $56,618.00
2020: $59,918.40
Total: $627,695.40

Cause Types

Aid and Services to Individuals in Emergency Situations
Aid and Services to the Low Income
Food Assistance